Wednesday, May 30, 2012

25,000 New Psalm 91 Cards Arrive!

"They're here!"
Yes, indeed! Here they are! 25,000 more brand new Psalm 91 cards just arrived and already 1,000 are on their way out the door! Last week 5,000 new Psalm 91 cards arrived and were gone in only 8 hours. But thanks to the generosity of you, our partners and donors, we could follow up with a larger order so we can fulfill all the requests for cards that come in. We assure you, they come in almost daily (usually not on Sundays, but there have been exceptions to that as well!) and the quantities requested are anywhere from a hundred to several thousand. So, we want you to know how much we appreciate you and for those of you who have received and distributed cards: keep those connections to more Responder Chaplains and Responder Ministries coming! "Together we can do so much more than separately!"

Monday, May 28, 2012

OS91 attends 19th Annual Memorial Day Program in Winter Garden

Mayor Rees welcomes Captain Jason Walker to speak
OS91 attended the 19th Annual Memorial Day Service today at Veterans Memorial Park in Winter Garden. The West Orange High School Air Force Jr. ROTC were the Color Guard. Wonderful Speaker: Captain Jason Walker, USMC. "A Few Good Men" was sung by Geoff Bashioum. Wonderful! Thank you to Winter Garden Mayor Rees and all who worked to put on that Event. God bless the USA and our heartfelt THANK YOU to all our brave men and women in the Armed Forces past and present!

West Orange HS Air Force Jr. ROTC

Patriotic Winter Garden Citizens

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." JN 15:13

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ps 91 cards at Chaplain Appreciation Day

Chaplains of Macomb County, MI, 
enjoying their well deserved "Chaplains Appreciation Day",
holding Psalm 91 cards
From Chaplain James Friedman to Operation Safety 91: "Thank you so much for the partnership, prayers and support of the wonderful members of Operation Safety 91 (OS91). The Chaplain Appreciation Day celebration was a wonderful and blessed event. Thank you for the great ministry God has blessed you with and I am honored to be one of your partners here in Michigan. Everyone loves the Psalms 91 cards; thanks again my friend."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

FCPO Annual Conference

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO) will be holding their annual 2012 "Faith, Strength and Courage" Conference in the Daytona Beach FL (Metro Area) at First Assembly Church of Deland, 551 S. Kepler Road, on September 28-29, 2012. The cost of the conference is only $25.00 per person and that includes 3 meals on Sat. (09/29) plus a dessert night on our opening night Fri (09/28). OS91 will be there and our National Spokesperson, COL Danny McKnight will be the Special Guest Speaker on Friday night! Also OS91's friend, LT Tommy Neiman will be speaking! We are very excited about it. 
Email: or Call (423) 553-8806.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OS91 partner hosts Chaplains Appreciation Day in Michigan

Chaplain James Friedman
To My Friends at Operation Safety 91 (OS91), 
I want to thank you so much for the wonderful ministry of support and encouragement you offer and share to so many of us as First Responders, especially with the awesome Psalms 91 cards. Your enthusiasm and commitment is such a blessing and I appreciate our partnership. 
Thank you for sharing the new holiday here in Macomb County, Michigan the “Chaplain Appreciation Day,” Thursday, May 24, 2012. Chaplains of all fields are the “Warriors” to the “Warriors” and are deserving of recognition. It is my hope and prayer to see you soon and I will submit more pictures of the celebration we are having here in Macomb County very soon my friend.
James Friedman

Senior Pastor
Greater Christian Ministries International

Senior Police Chaplain
Eastpointe Police Department
St. Clair Shores Police Department
Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center
21st Century Chaplains Network
Macomb Police Chief's Association
Seresa Macomb Dispatch Center

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Psalm 91 testimony

OS91 received this via email from a mother of a Marine:
"My son told me the following story:

They just returned from a most horrendous combat mission and before they left, their superiors told them that this would be a most extremely dangerous mission and honestly told them that many of them may not return.  Sergio said, "Mom, we were getting ready to leave and all of us were saying goodbye as if it would be our last time ever to see each other.  I was reading the Psalm 91 card you sent me and praying it when Danny (his very good friend and now a friend of our whole family) came up to me and said, 'I'm scared Serge, let's pray.'  I said, "I already am" and showed him the card.  We read it outloud together and said it as a prayer over ourselves.  We said "amen" at the end, hugged each other, said goodbye and both got into different helicopters to be taken to our different missions for this op not knowing if we would ever see each other again.

I am praising the Lord to tell you that he DID return and so did Danny ... Sergio carried the card in his pocket during the mission but when he returned he found that it had been lost.  He said, "Mom, we went thru rivers and up mountains and down mountains and somewhere it got lost.

I told him I would send him the other one we have and I just sent it yesterday but that's the last one we have and I would love to send many more of them to him and I know he would distribute them among his fellow marines and it would be a huge comfort to them.  

Once again, thank you for your support and for what you are doing."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OS91 speaks at our premier Church partner, Christ Family International Church

Ed Ganster, Pastor Gerry Khourie at CFI Church
We have had a remarkable response to "Catch The Cause" from our premier Church partner, Christ Family International Church of Port St. Lucie, FL. After our trip to Chilton and Shelby Counties of Alabama, OS91 drove south to Port St. Lucie to distribute the certificates for all our CFI "Catch The Cause" Founding partners on Sunday April 6. We appreciate Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie and their Church so very much for all their support! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

OS91 attends Operation Hope's Children's Day

Scott Smith of Avalon Productions films Ed & Firefighters
Operation Hope's Children's Day in Fellsmere, FL was the venue for filming Responders today for our new "Catch The Cause" video. Indian River County Fire Rescue Firefighters of the Fellsmere Station attended the Event and OS91 was able to give them Psalm 91 cards for every Firefighters plus a Psalm 91 book for each Station.

Fellesmere Firefighters and Truck

Mary was blessed to meet and talk to a Vietnam Vet with Agent Orange

OS91 appreciates you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Off to the ICPC Training!

Bishop Derrick Price, Dr. A. Mac Stinson, Head of AL ICPC, and Ed
Our new friend, Bishop Derrick Price, head of Anglican Chaplains we thank you so very much! What a blessing that you gave us today in preparing the way into your Training Session at the ICPC Training this afternoon. We were so blessed not only to be able to be present in the Training but also say a few words to the Chaplains thanks to Chaplain Mike Dehart of Shelby County Sheriff's Office! 

Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Location of Regional ICPC Training

Chaplain Mike Dehart and Mary
Chaplain Dehart met us at Operation Safety 91's very first event, the 2008 ICPC International Conference in Mobile, AL. Mike jumped right on board with, at that time, our dream of making Psalm 91 cards, and he has been distributing the Psalm 91 books and cards for several years now. When we arrived Mike told us that every attendee was given a Psalm 91 for Military and a Psalm 91: God's Covenant of Protection book as well as a Psalm 91 card. What a joy to see these at all the seats!

Sergeant Billingsley with Psalm 91 card
After the training, many of the Chaplains came to us wanting packs of Psalm 91 cards, which we were able to give well as Psalm 91 books, thanks to Commander Phil Burnette of the U.S. Corps of Chaplains.

Rev. Vincent Turner, American Legion and Captain Diane Hamm, Prattville PD
Chaplain Vincent Turner has been distributing the Psalm 91 cards and books for several years now and it was so wonderful to meet him! As for Chaplain Diane, she had called me the day before and told me she was attending the ICPC Training, received a Psalm 91 card there and requested 100. We were able through God's goodness to meet her at this Training and hand her the cards. We left with no Psalm 91 books and no cards! 

What a day of Divine Connections! God totally ordered our steps while in Alabama. We made so many contacts to spread the message of Psalm 91 to Responders.  

What a blessed day!

Mrs. Amanda Price
This morning we arrived early at Chilton County High School we were greeted by Amanda Price, who is the wife of Chaplain Erric Price of Chilton County Sheriff's Office. Amanda told us  that Erric shared with her what a blessing we were to Erric yesterday. I turned it right around telling her how much of a blessing it was to connect with Erric so we can reach the Chilton County Responders! Amanda then proceeded to tell me that her father is the head of Anglican Chaplains and that he is just 30 minutes north and teaching at an ICPC Training at Shelby County Sheriff's Office Training Center. I immediately called the Bishop and the rest is history. We decided to go to the Training and connect with the Chaplains. 

Having run out of Psalm 91 books, I called on Commander Phil Burnette of the U.S. Corps of Chaplains, who offered to help us while we are up here in Clanton in any way we need. What an angel he has been. He met us with several cases of Psalm 91 books for Military and for Toddlers and we took them all!  And after consulting with Phil, we decided to go visit the Police Chiefs of Thorsby and then of Jamison before going to the ICPC training. 

Youth Leader Terry Jackson with another staff person of Thorsby City Hall
She took Ps 91 cards for National Day of Prayer in Thorsby!
Talk about a day of Divine Connections! When we arrived at Thorsby City Hall, the Police Chief had just gone out on a call. But it just so happened that the Youth Leader, Terry Jackson, was at City Hall as well as a dear lady who told us that they will be celebrating the National Day of Prayer at the Church across the street tomorrow and we gave them Psalm 91 cards for all who will attend. They were so grateful! But besides that, the Terry was very interested in "Catch The Cause" and took sign up sheets for his Pastor and the youth!

Jemison, AL Deputy Chief Mark McMinn and Ed
Then north to Jemison. We went to see the Police Chief and the Deputy Chief Mark McMinn came out to greet us. Not only did Deputy Chief Mark accept the Psalm 91 cards and books, but he so graciously gave us a tour of the entire Police Complex and we were able to share not only our mission with him, but learned so much and shared many experiences. BUT...the best is yet to come: Deputy Chief took us in to the Library which is a part of the building and Ed began a conversation with the librarian who suggested we get all the Churches and Responders together and when he heard what we are doing with "Catch The Cause" and about the Assembly we did at Chilton County High School, Deputy Chief said to us that we can use the beautiful, spacious meeting room that is a part of the complex. We are to let him know about two weeks in advance of our coming and he will arrange the whole event! Now that is what I call "God's favor"!!!

Deputy Chief Mark gives Ed a Jemison PD patch for OS91's collection

Jemison Police Department located in Jemison City Hall

We are so excited about coming back here to spread the Psalm 91 message among the Responders, Chaplains, Pastors and residents of Chilton County.This has been a trip full of Divine Connections! Next post: the ICPC Training today. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OS91 visits Chilton County, AL Sheriif

Chilton County Sheriff Kevin Davis (right) 
with CCSO Investigator/Chaplain Erric Price
OS91 visited today with Sheriff Kevin Davis of Chilton County Sheriff Office. We came (of course)  loaded down with Psalm 91 cards and books for the Officers as well as Toddler Psalm 91 books for their little ones. Sheriff was so welcoming to us and we had such a great talk about the Law Enforcement profession...especially in the light of Romans 13: 1-7. 

Sheriff Davis told us how Officer Erric Price and Union Springs Church Pastor Steve Johnson came on board as Department Chaplains, and how they received ICPC training. As I listened, the desire to contact Chaplain Erric Price rose in my heart so that we could be in direct communication about the Psalm 91 cards and books. So I asked if there was any way at all I could talk to him. Immediately, the Sheriff arose, opened the door on his right, and in walked Officer/Chaplain Erric Price!!! Talk about a moment orchestrated by God!

After pulling out a Psalm 91 for Military book to show him, Erric said, "I was given this book awhile back and within 48 hours I gave it away!" Needless to say, he was overjoyed to be connected directly to the Foundation through this meeting. He took two cases of that title, two cases of the Psalm 91 for Toddlers and one case of Psalm 91: God's Covenant of Protection...not to mention a good stack of the Psalm 91 cards!

We are overjoyed to be able to reach these wonderful Deputies and staff of Chilton County Sheriff's Office with Psalm 91, God's Covenant of Protection. Sheriff, Chaplain Eric, Ed and I thank you for your goodness to Operation Safety 91! We were doubly blessed by our visit with you...and very inspired! Sheriff, thank you for your open arms and heart in welcoming us at a moment's notice! Know that we appreciate you, your service, your Deputies and we pray for you daily! God bless you all!
Fallen Officers of Chilton County, AL Memorial
Clyde Gregg  1907 - 1959
Gerald Horn  1950 - 1981
William (Bill) Wilson  1934 - 1984
Richard Buckner  1951 - 1991

OS91 visits Clanton Police Chief

Ed with Clanton Police Chief Brian Stilwell
Yesterday we were blessed to have a long visit with Clanton Chief of Police Brian Stilwell at Clanton Police Department. It was a special time I will long remember! Of course we brought our Psalm 91 cards and books for each Officer plus the Toddler Psalm 91 book for any with little ones. Chief welcomed us warmly and, of course, from the Assembly he attended earlier that morning at Chilton County High School, knew a bit about us.

Chief graciously gave us a tour of their Police Station, where we met several wonderful Officers including the Deputy Chief Keith Maddox, Captain David Clackley, plus Detectives and Criminal Investigators. It was such an honor to meet some of Clanton's brave Officers who are called to this noble profession and to be able to give them a tangible gift of God's Covenant of Protection, Psalm 91.

Thank you, Chief! Know that Operation Safety 91 honors you and your Team and prays for you daily!
Clanton Police Department