Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Off to the ICPC Training!

Bishop Derrick Price, Dr. A. Mac Stinson, Head of AL ICPC, and Ed
Our new friend, Bishop Derrick Price, head of Anglican Chaplains we thank you so very much! What a blessing that you gave us today in preparing the way into your Training Session at the ICPC Training this afternoon. We were so blessed not only to be able to be present in the Training but also say a few words to the Chaplains thanks to Chaplain Mike Dehart of Shelby County Sheriff's Office! 

Shelby County Sheriff's Office - Location of Regional ICPC Training

Chaplain Mike Dehart and Mary
Chaplain Dehart met us at Operation Safety 91's very first event, the 2008 ICPC International Conference in Mobile, AL. Mike jumped right on board with, at that time, our dream of making Psalm 91 cards, and he has been distributing the Psalm 91 books and cards for several years now. When we arrived Mike told us that every attendee was given a Psalm 91 for Military and a Psalm 91: God's Covenant of Protection book as well as a Psalm 91 card. What a joy to see these at all the seats!

Sergeant Billingsley with Psalm 91 card
After the training, many of the Chaplains came to us wanting packs of Psalm 91 cards, which we were able to give well as Psalm 91 books, thanks to Commander Phil Burnette of the U.S. Corps of Chaplains.

Rev. Vincent Turner, American Legion and Captain Diane Hamm, Prattville PD
Chaplain Vincent Turner has been distributing the Psalm 91 cards and books for several years now and it was so wonderful to meet him! As for Chaplain Diane, she had called me the day before and told me she was attending the ICPC Training, received a Psalm 91 card there and requested 100. We were able through God's goodness to meet her at this Training and hand her the cards. We left with no Psalm 91 books and no cards! 

What a day of Divine Connections! God totally ordered our steps while in Alabama. We made so many contacts to spread the message of Psalm 91 to Responders.  

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