Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Psalm 91 story

I am a Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant with the C...County Sheriff's Office. I have spent the past 25 years with this agency and have lived in the area all my life. With that being said I have been able to develop some great relationships with first Responders throughout the county. The ministry we have begun works with first Responders as well as with people getting out pf prison, jail, rehab or are at a high risk of going to those places.

A personal story about th Psalm 91 cards. I received a couple cards in the mail a few months ago. I have carried the card in my shirt pocket since then. Today I received a call that my great niece (1 year old) was found unresponsive, my niece called 911 and they walked her through CPR - the baby was revived and taken to the local hospital to await being transported to a larger hospital. I was able to get to the hospital before they left for the big hospital and to pray with the family. We prayed through Psalm 91 and then I was able to give my niece and the baby's father the card to take with them. I do not know what the Lord has planned for this young family but I trust in His ways.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share. CH JQ

Saturday, January 26, 2013

OS91 attends Fire Rescue East

Firefighter at Fire Rescue East 2013
OS91 was honored to be a vendor at Fire RESCUE EAST (FRE) 2013 at the Daytona Beach Convention Center, Daytona Beach, FL from Thursday, January 24th to Saturday, January 26th, 2013. This special time with Fire Chiefs and Firefighters from the Southeast U.S. was special from start to finish! This was our third year in a row attending FRE, and it is now a time not only to meet new Responders but also a time of reunion with Responders and their Chaplains who have previously connected with us for Psalm 91 cards and books.

Psalm 91 Teacher
I had many joys at FRE this year: one outstanding encounter was with this Firefighter, Bob, who was so eager to reconnect with Operation Safety 91, that he specially looked for us in the roster. After receiving Peggy Joyce Ruth's book, Psalm 91, God's Shield of Protection last year, he read it three times and even taught a class on it! This book had a profound effect on him and he couldn't wait to share that with me!

Clermont, FL Tower Truck on display at FRE
Of course in our blog we get to show off our special friends: Clermont Fire Departments' Tower Truck was on display at the Convention. Clermont Fire Chief Carle Bishop came to the OS91 booth to say hi and to make sure we knew that he and some of Clermont Firefighters are coming to the 5th Annual Tribute.

RIT Team Simulated Rescue Competition
For me, the most impactful experience of FRE was the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) simulated rescues. A maze was under construction when we arrived on Thursday, ready for several RIT Teams on Friday and a final competition of Saturday. I posted many pics on our Facebook page as these rescues were going on. These brave Responders don their protective uniforms, gear and oxygen. Their masks are fixed to duplicate the conditions of a smoke filled room, so they basically can not see. Going into the maze, Team 1 (2 Firefighters) secures a rope at the entrance and crawls through the maze until they locate the victim, then hook him/her up to oxygen. Meanwhile Team 2 follows the rope until they meet Team 1 with the victim. Together Team 1 pulls as Team 2 pushes the body back through the maze to safety. All this, with a limited amount of oxygen! To see more photos, go to facebook.com/operationsafety91

OS91 friend Seminole Chief Leeanna Mims 
and new Orange County Fire Chief Otto Drozd III
It was such a joy to see our friend, Chief Leeanna Mims, and to be introduced for the first time to Orange County's new Fire Chief, Otto Drozd.

L to R: Chiefs John Williamson, Jan Otero with Ed
And how we love our very own Winter Garden Fire Chief John Williamson, who is such a blessing to Operation Safety 91. Chief Williamson is now the past President of the Florida Fire Chiefs Association http://www.ffca.org which holds Fire Rescue East annually. The OS91 so enjoyed meeting for the first time our new Minneola Fire Chief Jan Otero, a 27 year old Fire Chief who took over after our friend Chief Derryl O'Neal went to Madeira Beach as Fire Chief.

Chief Derryl O'Neal with Ed

 Mascotte Fire Chief  Randy Brasher with Ed and Mary

Young lady Firefighters
It is on my heart to salute women Firefighters. Your heart for people is inspiring...as well as your bravery and strength! This Firefighter on the right visited our booth last year! 

OS91 partner, Chaplain Joe LaCognata with Mary
What a joyful reunion with a Responder Chaplain we met at a previous FRE Convention, Joe LaCognata. I spent some time listening as he told me how much he has appreciated the Psalm 91 cards and books! Joe, President and Founder of Fire Rescue Support, Inc., has such a heart for Firefighters.  Check out his website: www.FireRescueSupport.com 

Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International
L to R: Ed, Mary, Trevor Nelson, Tommy Neiman, Craig Duck, Ronnie Rivera, Percy Golden
And then, some of our favorite people in the world: The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International with their new President, Craig Duck. You are all very special to OS91!

Firefighter T-shirt
This saying on the front of one of the Firefighter's T-shirts sums up the attitude of these wonderful, brave Responders: "Keep Training in your Life"! OS91 salutes Firefighters and all Responders. God has put a very special gift in you all: a gift that reflects His own Divine rescue of the fallen human race. Thank you for your service! We appreciate you and pray for you daily!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

OS91 speaks at Ayers' Winter Conference - "Breaking The Chains"

AYERS' Winter Conference 
"Breaking The Chains"
OS91 was privileged to be chosen to speak at Amway Central Florida Diamonds, Gary and Nancy Ayers,' Winter Conference Worship Service this morning, held at The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida.  

Ed praying for Gary and Nancy after the Service
Gary and Nancy are one outstanding couple who have devoted decades of their lives to helping people excel in life and in business. They are people of outstanding integrity who lead a wonderful group here in the Central Florida area.  

Mary and Ed sharing OS91 with the Ayers' Team
Ed and Mary spoke about Psalm 91, God's Covenant of Protection, and how Operation Safety 91 was birthed; how COL Danny McKnight U.S. Army (Ret.) of "Black Hawk Down" renown became our National Spokesperson, about the upcoming 5th Annual Tribute to Honor America's 1st Responders and that, to date, over 400,000 Psalm 91 cards have been made and shipped free of charge to Responders all over the U.S., Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, etc., thanks to donations given by people who appreciate Responders and realize the risk they assume to protect, defend and rescue us.

Worship Leader, Rob, son-in-law of Gary and Nancy 
with their daughter, Kara, his wife
Anointed worship was led by Rob, Gary and Nancy's son-in-law with his precious wife, Kara. The service was grace filled; surely everyone there was touched by God, not only during Worship, but also by Gary's very practical Word-based message, and the amazing Altar Call.

Nancy, Rob, and Kara, you have a special place in our hearts!

Gary and his sweetheart granddaughter

Free Psalm 91 books for all

Semper Fi! A Marine picks up a Psalm 91 book 
at one of the give-away tables

This couple took a pack of Ps 91 cards for his brother going into the Military

Gary and Nancy, Ed and I appreciate you so much. We honor you, respect you and love you. You have impacted our lives for time and eternity, ad we are forever grateful to you. Thank you for the honor of speaking to your Orlando Team today. 

Ayers Team, thank you for the warmth and appreciation with which you welcomed us as speakers this morning and your overwhelming generosity to Operation Safety 91. Your love gifts will impact more lives than you can imagine! We hope you will follow us on our Facebook, Blog and Twitter so that you can see and read about how your donations are making a difference! www.OS91.com

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WESH's Tony Mainolfi - Emcee for OS91's 5th Annual Tribute

Tony Mainolfi with Ed in WESH Newsroom

OPERATION SAFETY 91's mission is to honor and protect America's 1st Responders, Active, Retired, Reserve and Veteran: Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement and Military. We honor these brave men and women in the person of Central Florida Responders at an annual Tribute Event held in Orlando at the Rosen Centre on International Drive. This Event is a deluxe luncheon and Tribute, free for Responders, thanks to the financial partnership of businesses, organizations and individuals. 

OS91's 5th Annual Tribute is coming up on February 22, 2013 and we are honored to have as our Emcee, WESH 2 First Alert Chief Meteorologist, Tony Mainolfi: www.wesh.com/tv/news-team/Chief-Meteorologist.  Tonight Ed and I were invited into the WESH Newsoom during the live 6 o'clock News, Weather and Sports and enjoyed time with Tony afterwards, getting to know each other and talking about the Event.

We also were pleased to meet WESH 2 News, Jim Payne and co-anchor Martha Sugalski. We are expecting this connection to grow and benefit our Central Florida Responders. 

Thank you, Tony, for your heart to help Operation Safety 91! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Psalm 91 Testimony

Our Story of how we implemented Ps 91 started 28 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant with our son....we spoke this Psalm over him and us.  It was a common activity in our household, so when our son was Commissioned into the United States Army in 2007 as a 1st Lt., our Ps 91 prayers were a little more frequent - now, on a daily basis for him.  Just before he deployed to Balad, Iraq, in 2009 as a Platoon Leader, his Dad and I ask him if he had memorized Ps 91 and he said yes and that he planned to take 50 of his guys - including himself and bring back 50 of his guys - including himself!   And that he did.  
We are now looking at another deployment in April 2013, where the stakes of the mission have tripled in the area of danger to he and his men.  He is now a Captain.  He will be in the front lines removing I.E.D. 's.  Once again, we reminded him of Ps 91 and keeping it fresh upon his heart and mind in saying it over himself, his household, and his men!!!
We thank Operation Safety 91 for providing the Psalm 91 cards.  We will be distributing them to he and his men before they leave in April.
Many Blessings to You and Your Ministry,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LEO Fatalities down for 2012

The total number of Law Enforcement fatalities for 2012 is down 23-27% from 2011. The Officer Down Memorial Page lists 126 deaths for 2012 – down from 174 in 2011. We do hope that Psalm 91 is a big part of that!