Personal Testimonies

OS91 with retired NYPD
" was a pleasure meeting you! It is so nice to come across someone like OS91 who understands and is appreciative of what police officers and all servicemen and their families go through on a daily is so nice to see how much you care and dedicate your life to touching those men and women out there; believe me, you are special.  Being in 9/11 has changed my life and I have daily struggles I deal with, and when I come across (an organization) like you, I realize there is someone out there who does care what I had to sacrifice!"   Sincerely,  Nicholas and Geralyn Liverani
  OS91 sharing Psalm 91
 with retired NY Responder Saccone and his family
I have to share with you that since meeting you and becoming newly aware of Psalm 91, God's protection has come up in my life numerous times. A friend of mine has a college-aged son who is accident prone and has his share of car accidents in his short life. Out of the blue, she said that all year she has been thanking God for his protection over her son because of those accidents. It gave me an opportunity to share our experience of meeting you and your mission. I was able to share with one of my co-workers who recently enlisted in the Army about Psalm 91. He is the one to whom I want to give the military book. A few months ago I read somewhere that if you read Psalm 91 for a month it will change your life. I had photocopied it and put it in my desk drawer but never followed through. Now I am! Yesterday I ran into a gentleman I know who said he was praising God for his protection over his son who also had a car accident so I was able to tell him to refer his son to Psalm 91. So thank you! God used you in a might way to touch numerous people's lives and I just wanted you to know.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Chaplain Rick Aldridge
As a health care chaplain I have seen hundreds of patients and their families, as well as fellow employees find strength, peace, comfort, assurance and hope in Psalm 91 resources. God is blasting this message in all directions at an incredible pace to people that are ravenous to hear it. In a time when so much is uncertain and at risk, God's promises of shelter point to the only True place of hope. It has been my joy to help distribute these resources outside of my work, to over 100 churches, schools, pastors, military chaplains and other individuals, in response to their requests as word spread about their availability. I finally stopped counting after 130,000+ items had been distributed, and started focusing on showing people where they could go to make their own orders.

One such person wrote her appreciation for the resources she received:
“I did receive them in time to hand out to our neighborhood children for Halloween. They were all very excited to receive a book. (However, I also added some candy so that my house wouldn't be "egged" Sunday morning!) The kids would say, "A book???? You're giving us a book??? Cool!" Definitely not the norm for trick-or-treaters! Thanks so much!"

A military chaplain wrote:
"We have about 13,000 Soldiers... Currently over 4,000 of them are in Afghanistan or Iraq. We have a constant flow of Soldiers in and out of combat, and booklets that will inspire them during challenging times are always valuable. Additionally, over 50% of our Soldiers have Families here... Spiritual material for them is critical while husband/father/mother/son or daughter is deployed.  I supervise 34 Chaplains of a variety of faiths, but we are all united in sharing God with Soldiers and Families. Seven of those chaplains are in Afghanistan now."

* * * * * * * *

"I am a soldier...and my Chaplain...gave me one of each... I read the Ps 91 resource and it is just awesome.  I have been sharing the precious jewels...with others so they can be fed spiritually.  Thanks for the wonderful gift." A.W. - US Army

                                                                      * * * * * * * *

"We had the boxes of (materials) before the event day. On 12 Dec. we set up the books for the family members of the Soldiers, and they had the books before they went back home...I will be distributing the materials to the Soldiers before they take on the plane to Iraq and Afghanistan. And I will also send a box to a previously deployed Soldier of our unit who are in Iraq through the channel of American Legion. I have subordinate units in NY, MI, and SC, and I will send some of the boxes to the Soldiers.

Thank you so much for providing very useful tools to empower Soldiers. May the Spirit of God work in the Soldiers and Families. God bless you and your ministry."
Chaplain 1LT JJ Kim
354th Civil Affairs Brigade

* * * * * * * * *

Greetings Mary,  Just talked to a young woman to whom I had given Psalm 91 and the Military editions a couple of weeks ago.. She is a real estate agent I had just met!  She called me this noon and told me her Dad and her Mom, from Maine, were suffering heart problems and had both entered the hospital.  She flew up and the whole family prayed and claimed as in the book, Psalm 91. Though the hospital had agreed that they both had all the symtoms, the tests for both came back negative and were sent home!  Praise the Lord!  Becky's husband and her daughter a teenager are reading and going to church with her since that chance encounter..God gives us strength to reach out to others...We are awaiting the arrival of our next boxes of books!  Have many of them promised...God is good; praise His holy name!   Love you in Christ,   Diane