Saturday, October 29, 2011

The 4th Annual Tribute Highlight Video

The 4th Annual Tribute Highlight Video!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Psalm 91 Testimony

Testimony received by OS91: "During April 27, 2011 EF5 + Tornado, my sister, her daughter and my daughter were in Phil Campbell where my sister and I work.  We were in the vault and blessed to have been allowed to bring our children.  My daughter, 4 years old, was underneath me, I was bowed down over her (she was sleeping, thank God). During  the tornado I prayed out loud Psalms 91.  I prayed, "God, COVER ME WITH YOUR FEATHERS RIGHT NOW! I CLAIM PSALMS 91!" We were all praying. We were protected.  NOT ONE flower petal was out of place on our work property that was not even a block from disaster. My brother was in his patrol car about 1/2 a mile, right in the path of the tornado.  He was in the tornado it before he realized.  It picked him/in his patrol car up/ then put him back down - Minor damage to car.  A few weeks later, my brother was passing out your cards that said "PSALMS 91!"  I KNOW GOD HEARD MY CRIES!!!  GOD PROTECTED OUR FAMILY, AND I PRAISE GOD FOR THAT.  AFTER THE TORNADOES WERE GONE, MY BROTHER, MY SISTER AND I, AMONG OTHERS WENT OUT TO HELP AS MANY AS WE COULD.  I LIVE AND BREATHE FOR HIS GLORY, FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4th Annual Tribute to Honor America's 1st Responders

OS91's beautiful stage this year thanks to Vera Clark of
Baldwin Fairchild, Flowers For You, and Colonial Flowers
Operation Safety 91's 4th Annual Tribute to Honor America's 1st Responders was held at the Rosen Centre in Orlando on September 30th, 2011. With about 475 in attendance not only from Central Florida but also from Jacksonville, Georgia and New York, it was truly a day to remember. This year's Event specially commemorated the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and the 343 Firefighters who died in the Twin Towers.
Patriotic Preshow by Central FL Community Arts Singers

Deluxe Luncheon enjoyed by Responders and Sponsors
Every attendee received a plastic Psalm 91 card plus other goodies at their place.

Keynote Speaker John Picarello, FDNY (Ret.)
You could have heard a pin drop as retired NY Firefighter John Picarello told his story of being in the Lobby of Tower 1 on that fateful day of 9/11, when 104 stories imploded on him and he walked out without a scratch. John emphasized to all the Responders present to seek God's protection on a daily basis, in all circumstances.

While the Event was going on in the Hotel, the U.S. Honor Flag was being transported to Orlando.

American Airlines plane with U.S. Honor Flag landing with highest honors 
in Orlando International Airport before Event

First female Captain to fly U.S. Honor Flag removes it from cockpit

U.S. Honor Flag transferred to Police at OIA 
to escort to Rosen Centre for 4th Annual Tribute

Grand entrance of U.S. Honor Flag
into 4th Annual Tribute Hall of Heroes
We were honored this year with a visit from the U.S. Honor Flag, which flew over Ground Zero until the last shovel of remains were removed. The Honor Network President and Co Founder, Chris Heisler, was approached several months ago by NY OS91 partner, Al Castro, Founder and President of NY Regional Police, and Founder of God's Shield of Protection Police Officers Ministry and arrangements were made for this great American treasure to be featured at our 4th Annual Tribute. 
After speaking Chris Heisler (right) presented Al Castro
with a pair of white gloves used for the U.S. Honor Flag

OS91 friend and 3 year partner, Al Castro, presented Ed 
and Mary with NY Regional Police Badge and Ministry Pin

Sheriff Jerry Demings presenting Portraits to 
Deputy Virginia Coates (left) and Cheryl Heber (middle)

Portraits unveiled
Following the Flag Ceremony was the 3 part Memorial. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings presented the widows of two Orange County Deputies with a Portrait of their husbands, fallen in the line of duty. Cheryl Heber was presented with the portrait of Deputy Craig A. Heber, Master Aviation Pilot. Deputy Virginia Coates, currently serving in OCSO,  received a Portrait of her husband, Deputy First Class Brandon Lee Coates.   
Orlando Fire Department and Rosie O'Grady Bagpipers
Next, Amazing Grace was played by OFD and Rosie's Bagpipers...a very emotional moment for all. Their performance was absolutely outstanding and OS91 is so grateful to all of them!

Ed Ganster rings 3-4-3 tolls on Orlando Fire Department Bell
in honor of the 343 Firefighters who died on 9/11

Roseanne Scutero and LT Joe Scutero, OCSO
honored for recently deceased Joseph Michael Scutero,
friend a supporter of OS91

Mary Ganster: "God is our Protector!", speaks on Ps 91

OFD Deputy Chief Edwin Youman (right) and 
OCSO Battalion Chief Scott Seigler pray Psalm 91

Tim Kaufman closed with "God Bless the USA" 

Special Thanks to our A/V Crew: 
Dave and Slater Cohen of Central Florida Fire Academy

Special Thanks to Shane Shifflett for bringing the Pink Fire Truck
Fort Stewart Firefighter Shane Shifflett drives his Pink Fire Truck around to raise public awareness of the Responders who suffer and have died from cancer because of the rescue efforts of 9/11.
Special Thanks to Bob Ogren for bringing his 343 Cart
Bob Ogren, the father of one of the Firefighters who lost his life at 9/11 has dedicated his life to honoring the memory of not only his son, but also of all the 343 brave Heroes who lost their lives at the Twin Towers. This is a mobile memorial cart resembling a Fire Truck. Thank you, Bob, for bringing this cart to OS91's 4th Annual Tribute! FD343NY.COM

Special Thanks to our Silver Sponsor:
DRS Technologies

Special Thanks to our Table Sponsors:
4 Rivers Smokehouse
Baldwin Fairchild
Brevard County Hyundai Dealers
Christ Family International Church
Harris Corporation
Heller Brothers
Marvin Vasquez
New Hope Christian Academy
Rural Metro Ambulance
UNO Chicago Grill
Wireless Technology Equipment Company, Inc.

Special Thanks to our Bronze Sponsors:
Apopka Citizens for Quality Law Enforcement
City of Minneola
In God We Trust Foundation
Kelly's Foods
Service By Air, Inc.
Star and Shield Insurance
Triumvirate Consultation, LLC

Special Thanks for In Kind Donations:
American Adversaries Radio (WORL 660AM)
Baldwin Fairchild
Colonial Flowers
Design For Recognition
Flowers for You
Fun Spot
Helping Hands Ministry
New Varis
Central Florida Fire Academy
ProCamps Worldwide
West Orange Photo and Digital

Thank you, Al Castro, for bringing three priceless banners 
signed by NY Responders

Special thanks to:
  Emcee: Brian Brightman
Scott Smith of Avalon TV
All our Volunteer Staff : We couldn't have done it without you!

Also special thanks to Richard Shanley for his photography both at the 4th Annual Tribute Event
and at Orlando International Airport for the arrival of the U.S. Honor Flag.
To contact Richard for your picture:

Ed and Mary Ganster before the U.S. Honor Flag