Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd order of 100,000 Psalm 91 cards arrive

Here they are!
OS91 is so excited to announce the 2nd order of Psalm 91 cards for Responders arrived here in Orlando this afternoon! Praise God! We already have back orders several thousands with many new Ministries in line who are just being introduced to Operation Safety 91. Thank you partners for your help, donations, prayers and support to help us make this happen. We appreciate you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OS91 attends Chaplain Jeff Struecker Event, guests of COL Danny McKnight

Left to Right: COL McKnight, Linda McKnight, Chaplain Jeff Struecker
Mary and Ed Ganster
Chaplain Jeff Struecker, Major, U.S. Army (Ret.) was special guest speaker last evening at 1st Baptist Church Cocoa. OS91 attended this special Event as guests of COL Danny McKnight, U.S. Army (Ret.), who was the Ranger Ground Commander of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu memorialized in the movie and book Black Hawk Down. Chaplain Jeff, a decorated member of the U.S. Army Rangers having fought in every U.S. initiative since Panama including many tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, spoke about serving under COL McKnight during the Battle of Mogadishu and how inspired he was, since at that time in his career, COL McKnight did not have to be engaged in battle.

Chaplain Struecker spoke about his struggle to overcome fear and face death in the heat of the Battle of Mogadishu. The only way was through Jesus Christ. Peace came when he turned his life completely over to the Lord, and subsequently Jeff successfully led his men through about 8 hours of battle and back to the safety of camp. For the next 24 or so hours, Jeff was bombarded with questions from his men: "what do you have that I am missing?". It was at that point in his life that he knew he was called to serve at an even deeper level... as an Army Chaplain.

In 2011 he retired from the Army and is now an Associate Pastor in Columbus, Georgia. We invite you to visit his website: http://www.jeffstruecker.com/ And to read his new book, The Road to Unafraid, and other Titles: http://www.jeffstruecker.com/books.aspx

A special Thank You to COL Danny McKnight for his invitation to OS91 to meet Chaplain Jeff, who is now very excited to partner with OS91 to distribute Psalm 91 cards and books!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OS91 brings Minneola Fire Chaplain Steve Davids to NHCA

Minneola, FL Fire Chaplain Steve Davids
speaking to students of NHCA
This morning Operation Safety 91 brought Minneola Fire Chaplain Steve Davids to speak to the students of New Hope Christian Academy in Minneola, FL, to educate the students about Responder Chaplaincy. Chaplain Steve is the Pastor of Children and Youth at Minneola Alliance Church www.minneolacma.com and has been the local Fire Department Chaplain along with Bob Beaver, Pastor of Minneola Alliance Church for over a year. 
NHCA students listened 
and asked questions about Fire Chaplaincy
Steve explained to students the role that Chaplains play in the lives of Firefighters as well as the other Responder disciplines, opening the floor to the students for questions. Steve also asked the students questions like, "How can you tell I am a Chaplain?", which led the boys and girls to look more closely at his uniform for the crosses.

While speaking, the Chaplain's beeper went off indicating there was a 911 call to Minneola Fire Department and we actually heard the sirens of the Fire engine! God has a wonderful way of making things real! 
The right answer!
Ed then asked the students what is the hardest loss for a Firefighter to accept. In sign language, one of the students signed, "the loss of a child"...which is indeed the correct answer.
Another phenomenal answer!
When Ed asked the question, "What is the first thing you do when you hear a siren?", this student immediately knew the answer, "Pray for them and say Psalm 91!!!" 
Children praying Psalm 91
To end the presentation the students and teachers prayed Psalm 91 together with Chaplain Steve, Ed and Mary with Operation Safety 91's Psalm 91 cards. Each student and teacher was given a card compliments of OS91.

Afterwards Chaplain Steve, Ed and Mary tried visiting our friends, Chief Derryl O'Neal and all the wonderful Firefighters at Minneola Fire Department, but they were away from the station at a call. We appreciate this wonderful partnership of Minneola FD and their Chaplains, Bob Beaver and Steve Davids! And we are so proud to be associated with the exceptional educational facility of New Hope Christian Academy, http://www.newhopeca.org/ founded by Miss Angi and Mr. Rusty Pitt, and using the Accelerated Christian Education Program (ACE). We appreciate you all very much!

Monday, April 18, 2011

OS91 special guests of COL Danny McKnight at Warrior Beach Retreat

Ed Ganster with COL Danny and Linda McKnight  
at Wounded Warrior Retreat
Ed and Mary Ganster were privileged beyond words to be special guests of COL Danny NcKnight, USA (Ret.) and his beautiful wife, Linda, at The Warrior Beach Retreat in Panama City April 14 through 16. This very special Event is a four to five day Retreat of "give back" to wounded warriors of the Iraq, Afghanistan war. Warrior Beach Retreat, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit Corporation established by Linda Cope to provide a very special way to honor and respect those American heroes who have served our great nation at such a cost to themselves.
OS91 was treated to a dozen red roses and 2 T-shirts and a cap at their room in the beautiful Marriott at Panama Beach who hosted the guests at their Hotel free of charge.
Panama City Toyota donated cars and trucks for the motorcade
Thursday evening, Ed and Mary joined COL McKnight and Linda to be part of the 12 1/2 mile motorcade procession from the Marriott Hotel to First Baptist Church of Panama City. 
Lining the streets from the Bay of Panama Beach all the way to Panama City, patriotic Americans waved flags, crying "Thank You!" to the wounded warriors in the passing cars. 
Panama City Naval Base (Center for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)/Diving)
Those on active duty at the Panama City Naval Base lined the perimeter of their property facing the motorcade to honor the wounded warriors passing by. There was hardly a dry eye!

 Local Fire Fighters flag the Tower Truck to honor Warriors
Patriot Riders leading the way, arrived first at First Baptist Church
 and formed Honor Guard for Warriors

Church grounds decorated with WWII posters
A grateful and colorful American
A fabulous dinner was prepared by 1st Baptist for Wounded Warriors. Seated next to COL Danny McKnight was Deputy Scott Frazier of Bay County Sheriff's Office who organized pick up of all Wounded Warriors and their caregivers at the airport, helped cook the delicious steaks at this banquet and assisted with organizing the procession. Thanks, Scott! 
Next, all dinner guests joined attendees of Panama City and its surroundings for an outstanding  Tribute Event honoring the Wounded Warriors followed by a group picture.
Linda Cope, Founder of Warrior Beach Retreat (Front row in pink) 
and her husband Philip with Wounded Warriors
OS91 took the opportunity to give Psalm 91 cards to those on active duty from the Naval Base!
Caregivers at breakfast on Friday morning
Ed spoke to the caregivers at breakfast while the men played golf. These ladies were more than thrilled to receive the Psalm 91 cards, books and Cross Pins!
All were invited to a Dinner Cruise on the Bay Friday night
COL McKnight speaking to Wounded Warriors on Dinner Cruise
COL McKnight spoke of one particular Wounded Warrior who touched his heart very much,   promising that The Streets of Mogadishu, his new book, which will be coming out this May, COL will himself make into an audio book for this soldier who lost both of his eyes in war.

OS91 honors the businesses and business owners of Panama City and the City of Panama Beach for their participation in this wonderful semi-annual  Event. Everything is free for the wounded warriors and their caregivers and the other participants: all meals at Restaurants in these cities, plus golf and spa treatments. Linda Cope's vision is "to see communities from all over the USA come together to host military soldiers and their families affected by (this) war."

For more pictures from the Wounded Warriors Salute visit: 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Testimony from an OS91 Partner

We gave all of the books that you sent me before to at least 1/3 of the department Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (150 people), about 10 people from Hillsborough County Sherriff Office, 4 people from Pasco County Fire Rescue, 3 people from Tampa Fire Rescue, 5 people from American Medical Response, about 8 nurses from some local Emergency Rooms hospitals. A few Pastors from some local churches to give to their emergency workers (About 6 churches), We work with a local ministry that ministers to Spanish people that work at farms (Spanish books are awesome for this). The ministry is call Meet The Need. Here is their website www.meettheneed.org.  We sent some military edition books to soldiers that are station in Fort Jackson South Carolina. We have a firefighter that joined the ARMY and is our contact over there. As you can see the books are a blessing and is helping us spread the Gospel when we give them the books. Thank you very much. Ronnie Rivera, Emergency Workers For Christ

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Thank You Note

"Since the day we first found your website we have been so blessed by OS91. The Lord has laid on my heart to get Psalm 91 cards for our sons and family, never realizing he would open a door for another ministry opportunity. The Lord has given us many people to give the cards to as a witness. My husband will have a great opportunity...with all the safety personnel....We know there are no accidents and God has made our paths cross. We are blessed because of your service and sacrifice!!  We have passed out cards in Ohio, Canada, New York, & Pennsylvania so far. We will spreading them all across the USA over the next several months! God is on the move. Thanks so much for your ministry! You are a blessing!"

Marines receive a big WELCOME HOME

Marines in formation before being greeted by families and friends
Last evening 14 Marines returned home from Afghanistan to the cheers and tears of families, friends and patriotic citizens and groups gathered at the Reserve Center in Orlando. 
Crowd eagerly awaiting arrival of Marines

Mary meets Marine who was sustained by Peggy Joyce Ruth's
Psalm 91 for Military book in Afghanistan
So, Mary connects him by phone with Peggy Joyce Ruth!

Dad and son reunited
It is more than touching to experience these Homecomings of our heroes: the cheers, applause, tears of joy. You don't have to be a relative. Come on out when these brave men return home and you will get a huge dose of Patriotism and Gratitude!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Request for Psalm 91 Cards for Firefighters

Today we received a request for Psalm 91 cards because of a Chaplain from Arvada Fire Department in Colorado, who attended the Indy Fire Conference and picked up some OS91 Psalm 91 cards from the table of the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International, headed by Gaye and Sue Reynolds. Thank you to our FCFI partners through whom we have reached hundreds and hundreds of Firefighters!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Partners of OS91, Pastors Bob Beaver and Steve Davids, Minneola Alliance Church

Ed Ganster with new OS91 partners
Pastors Bob Beaver & Steve Davids, Minneola Alliance Church
A heartfelt Thank you to Chief Derryl O'Neal and the wonderful Firefighters of Minneola Fire Department for not only their excitement about COL Danny McKnight's Leadership Conference sponsored by OS91 but also for their connecting their Fire Chaplains, Bob Beaver and Steve Davids with us. What a wonderful visit we had with these devoted Chaplains, currently Pastors of Minneola Alliance Church. Together we plan to expand this connection to a National Conference and other Chaplains across the U.S. Chaplains Bob and Steve left with a truck filled with books and Psalm 91 cards. ..just the beginning!