Thursday, June 16, 2011

OS91 attends C.A.S.T. in Orlando - June 2011

CH (CPT) Stephen Cowart, head Army Chaplain of 6 States & Puerto Rico
enthusiastically receives Psalm 91 Cards from Operation Safety 91 at C.A.S.T.
Orlando's Rosen Centre was the host Hotel of The U.S. Army's Area IV Chaplaincy Annual Sustainment Training, June 13 - 16, 2011. Operation Safety 91 was honored to be with C.A.S.T. for the first time as a Vendor, making available free of charge our Psalm 91 Cards. We can not put in words how very appreciative these Chaplains were to receive these resources from OS91.
1687 Foundation representative with Ed and Mary
Since September of 2008, OS91 has partnered with the 1687 Foundation, to get their free edition of the book Psalm 91, God's Shield of Protection, for Military by Peggy Joyce Ruth into the hands of Responders, including the Army. It was such a treat to see Renee Wilson of the 1687 Foundation again at C.A.S.T., giving out all their free resources.
CH (CPT) Hyun Ha loved the OS91 "Christian Patriotic" decal
CH (CPT) Hyun Ha has received an award for his Chaplaincy work and will not only be distributing thousands of Psalm 91 cards, but really appreciated the OS91 logo on decal.
Making friends with CH Candidate Cynthia Haynes

and 2 LT Denise Webb who is under the umbrella
of Coalition of Spirit Filled Churches

and many other of these Army men and women
Together with these devoted Army Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and Chaplain Candidates, OS91 will reach thousands and thousands of Army soldiers with God's Covenant of Protection, Psalm 91. A big Thank You to CH (LTC) Anthony P. Clark, JFHQ-FL State Chaplain of the Florida National Guard and CH (LTC) Brain Ray, 143RD ESC Chaplain for connecting OS91 with C.A.S.T. And Chaplain Tony, thank you for arranging time for Mary to speak to your group personally about OS91!
We love and appreciate the Armed Forces with their Chaplains so much! Thank you for your service! OS91 prays for you daily.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1st Flag Raising at OS91

Flag raising at OS91
OS91 celebrated Flag Day in grand style today by raising its outside U.S. Flag for the first time at headquarters. This Flag is a gift of Christ Family International Church (CFI) , whose Pastors, Pastor Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie have been partnered with OS91 since the 3rd Annual Tribute last year. 
"Gift of Christ Family International Church, 
Port St. Lucie, FL  June 14, 2011"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

OS91 and Christ Family International Church

Pastor Gerry Khourie with Ed Ganster
Operation Safety 91 has been blessed with a very special partnership with Christ Family International Church (CFI) of Port St. Lucie, FL and its Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie. Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn have been excited about OS91 since they met Ed on a Disney outing and soon invited us down to their Church in Port St. Lucie for a filming and to speak to their Congregation, whom we now consider family. Not only have they taken us in, but given generously in support of our work and the making of the Psalm 91 cards. 

Last week a three year dream came true: OS91 erected a Flagpole in front of its temporary headquarters at the residence of Ed and Mary Ganster. And on Flag Day, June 14th, OS91 is raising the U.S. Flag for the first time at this location and dedicating the Flag to honor all 1st Responders. And as a Thank you to Christ Family International Church and Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie, the Flag pole will have a plaque with the words: "Gift of Christ Family International Church, Port St. Lucie, FL, June 14th 2011." 

Pastor Gerry and some of the leadership of CFI will be attending this Event. We appreciate you, Pastors! Thank you for your love and generosity.

Ed Ganster speaking at CFI

Friday, June 10, 2011

OS91 attends New OPD Chief Paul Rooney's Installation

OPD Chief Paul Rooney with his wife and 2 daughters
Operation Safety 91 attended Orlando Police Department's Change of Command Ceremony on June 9th at the Amway Center, making official the passing of the torch from Chief Val Demings to new Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney. The Ceremony was outstanding and Chief Rooney's first priority is "the safety and protection of the Officers", which resonates in the heart of OS91 as well. We also want to mention our own Sr. Chaplain Andrew Wade, Founding Chaplain of OS91, who did the Invocation for the Change of Command Ceremony.

Deputy Chief Sonja White with Mary
Of course Operation Safety 91 took the opportunity to distribute Psalm 91 cards and we found so many on the force who love Psalm 91 and pray it daily. Included in these is Deputy Chief Sonja White, who was so happy to receive a card! And we were just as happy to give it!

Chief Rooney with Ed and Mary Ganster
Chief Rooney has been a friend of OS91 for some time now and we are looking forward to a great partnership with Orlando Police Department. Congratulations, Chief Rooney on your promotion and we wish Chief Val Demings the best as she opens a new chapter in her life! Chief Rooney, know that you and all OPD will be in our daily prayers!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OS91's Flagpole Installation

The hole is dug!
Ed's 3 year dream is coming true: the installation of a Flag on our property, the temporary headquarters of Operation Safety 91. We thought you would like to see the process!

Base in place

Put it together

OS91 Headquarters waiting the Flag!
OS91 will raise the Flag for the first time on Flag Day, June 14th. What a way to celebrate this special day! The Flag will honor all Responders who put themselves in harms way to protect, rescue and defend us.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

OS91 attends Home At Last Dedication Ceremony

New Home of Patrick Corcoran and his family
The lastest new home built by Home at Last, a special project of West Orange Habitat For Humanity, was dedicated this morning with 2 Ceremonies in Oakland, FL. Home At Last builds mortgage free, disability friendly homes for Afghanistan and Iraq Wounded Warriors, and this newest home at 19 Oakland Point Circle was gifted this morning to SGT Major Patrick Corcoran and his wife, Becky and two boys. The Flag Raising Ceremony began at 9:30 a.m. at the new home location with many attendees including the Mayor Kathy Stark of Oakland and Mayor Gary Bruhn of Windermere, many representatives from the U.S. Army, Oakland Police, Orange County Fire Rescue, Veterans, contractors, builders and suppliers who helped build the home and patriotic citizens, neighbors, family and friends. 
Patrick Corcoran in front of his new home

Memorial of Fallen Heroes under Flag at Corcoran home

Two of our young Army men received Psalm 91 cards... well as young men from the Wounded Warrior Club
After the Flag Raising Ceremony, buses moved the attendees to Speers Park for a Dedication Day Program where recognition was given to all the Contractors, Builders and Suppliers who partnered to make this dream come true for the Corcorans. Especially recognized were "the 2 Bills" who spearheaded the Project. 
Todd Nichols and Rosie O'Grady Highlanders 
An outstanding Patriotic Medley was performed by Todd Nichols of the Rosie O'Grady Highlanders after a wonderful introduction by all the bagpipers. Dave Gillum sung The National Anthem and gave everyone goosebumps! After remarks, awards, thanks and a powerful speech by COL Gallahue, US Army, under whom Patrick served, Patrick, then Becky spoke, recounting their life together, Patrick's deployment, injury, recovery and how they were blessed with a home from Home At Last. Finally all were treated to a Barbeque courtesy of WG VFW Post 4305.
Becky and Patrick 
OS91 salutes Patrick, Becky and all the heroes and their families who sacrifice to keep our country free!  The Corcoran home was open for walk through all afternoon.