Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creative Ideas to Spread Ps 91 Message

I give the PS 91 resources to those in uniform in the airports but have found yet another way to distribute them. I made friends with the flight attendants (3) and gave them each a PS 91 military resource. I mentioned to them that if they liked it after they read it that they could order some. My suggestion to them was to keep several of them in their personal bags to hand out to military that might be on the flights that they were working. God is a God of creativity. I Praise Him and thank you for the resources that further His Kingdom.  Scott Pruiksma

Thank a Responder

Thank a Responder

Saturday, April 17, 2010

OS91 brings US hero, William Castillo to New Hope Christian Academy in Minneola, FL

SSG William Castillo
Friday, April 16, 2010, Operation Safety 91 (OS91) founded to honor and protect America's 1st Responders, brought wounded Iraq/Afghan war hero, William Castillo to New Hope Christian Academy (NHCA) in Minneola, FL, to speak with the students. OS91 surprised William with a grand welcome from Mayor Pat Kelley, and Ladder 86 with Fire Chief Derryl O’Neal, Lt. Jim Simon, Vance Flummer, George (Sam) Smith and Josh Smith. Assistant Chief David Kilbury of Clermont Fire Department also attended. Representing Lake County Sheriff's Department were Captain Stevin Moss (Tavares) and Lt. Gregory Link (Minneola).

Responders entered the Academy at 10:00 a.m. in the midst of children waving flags and the music “Stars and Stripes” playing in the background. Edward Ganster, OS91 Founder, opened by honoring the Firefighters and Law Enforcement present and explaining to the students the role of Responders in protecting us and keeping us safe. William was then introduced amid energetic applause to share his story with all present. The response of students, teachers, parents, Responders and the Mayor was overwhelming…especially when William pulled up his pant leg to reveal his prosthetic leg. All were deeply touched and there was many a tear shed. William humbly shared about his sacrifice of leaving his family for 3 tours of duty, once following the birth of his baby. When asked, he did describe in a very simple, non dramatic and non detailed way how his vehicle was blown up and how he survived.

Following William’s interaction, the Mayor Pat Kelley spoke about how much he appreciates all Responders since his brother is currently at US Embassy of Kyrgyzstan north of Afghanistan and was saved last week by our Military. Another touching story followed about how Firefighters present actually saved one of his relatives’ life! The students clearly “caught” the message that OS91 is promoting: Responders are our friends, they are there to help us, rescue, protect and save us.

Student prays Psalm 91
One of the students prayed Psalm 91 to conclude the Event and ironically the Firefighters received an Emergency call right at the very end of the Prayer! That was truly a lesson in itself!  Mrs. Angi Pitt, the Founder and Principal of New Hope Christian Academy, an ACE School (Accelerated Christian Education) invited all students to come and greet William. There were handshakes, hugs and even one student wanted to see his dog tags, which William most eagerly took off his neck for viewing. Pictures followed.
To our surprise, the Firefighters returned to the School and all the NHCA students were permitted to get in the Fire truck. Did they have fun! Ladder 86 never saw such excited kids!

Psalm 91 books were given to Responders by OS91 following the Event.  We thank Todd Holman and his wife, Heather, of for his partnering with us to video and photo this Event.  It was such a memorable day for all...a day we pray will affect the destinies of these children. William is partnering with OS91 to spread this message of Patriotism, self sacrifice and love of country. OS91 thanks all Responders of all branches of public safety who serve the cause of righteousness and freedom and protection of civilians! Know for sure that OS91 prays for you daily, for your safety and protection as you keep us safe. May you all be testimonies to the miraculous protection of Psalm 91, God's Covenant of Protection! Please contact us for FREE Psalm 91 books with FREE shipping. God bless you!

William Castillo with OS91 Founders, Ed and Mary Ganster

Operation Safety 91 (OS91) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded to honor and protect America’s 1st Responders, active, retired and veteran: Firefighters, Law Enforcement, EMS personnel and Military.  OS91 honors Responders by holding a Tribute Event annually in Orlando, and protects Responders with Psalm 91.
Programs in progress:
Scholarships for qualified children of fallen responders, Portraits of  Firefighters, Law Enforcement and EMS Personnel fallen in the line of duty in a four county area in Central Florida, and School Events. For more information:
Toll free: 877-820-7467

New Hope Christian Academy (NHCA) is located on 409 Old Highway, Minneola, FL, 34715. This school was established based on the need for individualized education for students, many of whom “fall through the cracks” educationally due to limitations or complications. Currently serving Kindergarten through 12th Grade, New Hope offers students exceptional Christian education while finding the strengths of the student and helping them overcome their limitations. These students include a wide a wide variety of ethnicity, economic status and developmental capabilities.

For more information on New Hope Christian Academy:

William Castillo was awarded the Purple Heart on June 29, 2007. He is the recipient of the gift of a retrofitted home by “Building Homes for Heroes”, a non profit organization founded by Andy Pujol, which builds and/or retrofits homes for chosen wounded warriors. For more information:

iPortait Studios has most generously partnered with Operation Safety 91 to honor America's Responders by offering Any Responder and his/her family a sitting and beautiful photo portrait absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. This applies to any Responder in the Central FL area as well as any Responder visiting from out of town or from another State. (If you are from Alaska, you have to bring some salmon!!!)
Receive this gift from an extremely talented business owner who wants to say Thank You for your service!
339 N. Hwy 27
Clermont, FL 34711
Office: 352-242-0026 / Cell: 407-301-2625

OS91 Partner, Al Castro, spreading the Ps 91 message to Officer Stevens, NYPD

Officer Stevens, NYPD presented with Ps 91 books 
by Al Castro, President of NY Regional Police
On April 12, 2010 at 6PM, President Al Castro was greeted by Director of Chaplain Group, Dr. Paul Chaplin and Dr. Alfred Phillips at 1110 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11233. President Castro was escorted into our school Headquarters and then greeted by Dr. Janesia Fuller Mosley, Dean, and Dr. Paulette Zimmerman, PhD. The anointing of God was present as we began to brief of the blessings of the Lord.

We further engaged in conversation as a team as we moved forward in placing a Banner for the Fraternal Order of the Police in position and a Banner for the National Center for Exploited Children. There was a table set before us that enabled us to place Psalms 91 Testimonies and God Shield of Protection, Those Who Trust in the Lord as it related to the furthering of the ministry that has been assigned to our hands.

At the 9:30PM hour we had concluded our session and were in position to answer any questions that were before us at this time our staff and along with President Al Castro, answered any and all questions as it related to Psalms 91 Ministry and the Fraternal Order of the Police and the Upcoming Chaplains Training Class.

At 11:15PM, President Al Castro began his journey home as he came in contact with Officer Stevens of the Spring Creek Police Dept which is a division of NYPD. President Castro began to minister to Officer Stevens and presented him with Psalms 91, God Shield of Protection and Those Who Trust In The Lord. While ministering to Officer Stevens and sharing the goodnes of the Lord, President Castro was led to Pray for Officer Stevens before their departure from one another.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quiet Hero

Thank you OS91 partner Annette Douglass of FCFI and FDNY's Prayer Ministry for this wonderful link!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

OS91's newest partner, Champ!

OS91's newest partner, Champ the Miracle Dog
with his owner, Mike Martin and partner, Scott Pruiksma, MPFD, FCFI
Operation Safety 91's Psalm 91 ministry continues to grow and now proudly presents its newest partner, CHAMP, the Miracle Dog! Yes, you read that correctly! Please read Champ's story relating his miraculous recovery and the goodness of Mike Martin and his wife Janice. But get your tissues handy....Now, Mike takes Champ to Nursing Homes, Schools and VA Hospitals and homes to visit with Veterans. We welcome you on board, Champ! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

OS91 congratulates esteemed partner, Al Castro, Pres. New York Regional Police

April 2, 2010

President Al Castro
Fraternal Order of Police - President
Lodge 636

   Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied unto you. It is with Jesus Joy we celebrate this new  year. This communication comes to confirm the conferral of an Honorary Doctorial Degree in Humanities upon President Al Castro. Our Staff, its Trustees, and Official Board are elated that we will have such a man of God of high esteem as yourself. This special occasion will take place on Friday, May 14th 2010 730PM at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Inc.  1110 Herkimer StreetBrooklynNY 11233
Rev. Janesia Fuller Mosley – Pastor.    

   Our Christian University is fully accredited by the World Wide Accredation of Theological Schools and Seminaries (WWAC) and the Apostolic Council on Educational Accountability (ACEA). We have had in the pass been given opportunity to confer Doctorates on Pastor Shirley Caesar, Vicky Winans others… Our school is celebrating 5 years of service and 1800 alumni and counting, offering a vast array of educational opportunities to churches and their communities.  

   Please invite family and friends to come and witness this auspicious occasion that the Lord has pre ordained. If there are any questions or concerns that have not been answered in this communication please feel free to contact us.
347.683.8994 our school Hotline.

In  His Service,

Alfred Phillips

Dr. Alfred Phillips – Founder and Visionary

Dr. Paulette Zimmerman, PhD – President

Dr. Janesia Fuller Mosley – Dean

Rev. Tyrone Sellers – Chairman of Alliance

Lt. John Lambert

Portraits of Fallen Heroes