Sunday, June 12, 2011

OS91 and Christ Family International Church

Pastor Gerry Khourie with Ed Ganster
Operation Safety 91 has been blessed with a very special partnership with Christ Family International Church (CFI) of Port St. Lucie, FL and its Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie. Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn have been excited about OS91 since they met Ed on a Disney outing and soon invited us down to their Church in Port St. Lucie for a filming and to speak to their Congregation, whom we now consider family. Not only have they taken us in, but given generously in support of our work and the making of the Psalm 91 cards. 

Last week a three year dream came true: OS91 erected a Flagpole in front of its temporary headquarters at the residence of Ed and Mary Ganster. And on Flag Day, June 14th, OS91 is raising the U.S. Flag for the first time at this location and dedicating the Flag to honor all 1st Responders. And as a Thank you to Christ Family International Church and Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie, the Flag pole will have a plaque with the words: "Gift of Christ Family International Church, Port St. Lucie, FL, June 14th 2011." 

Pastor Gerry and some of the leadership of CFI will be attending this Event. We appreciate you, Pastors! Thank you for your love and generosity.

Ed Ganster speaking at CFI

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