Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OS91 meets with COL Danny McKnight

COL McKnight with his book & card & Psalm 91 card
Yesterday Ed and Mary had the honor of another meeting with an American Hero and our beloved National Spokesperson COL Danny McKnight, US Army (Ret.) of "Black Hawk Down" renown and his beautiful wife, Linda.  We cherish these times spent with COL and his wife, both so dedicated to Responders and to the mission of Operation Safety 91, to honor and protect these brave men and women.

During the conversation, Linda told us that she has for a few months now been including one of COL McKnight's business cards as well as a Psalm 91 card in each copy of COL's new book, Streets of Mogadishu. That was music to our ears! 

COL then invited us to their home! What a privilege! As we pulled up, the first thing we noticed is this Yellow Ribbon Flag pictured below. Of course I had to have a picture!

Yellow Ribbon Flag held by Linda

COL McKnight and Linda rolled out the "red carpet" for us and showed us around their beautiful home, the highlight of which is what COL calls "Linda's Room" which is really COL's room...full of memorabilia as Danny moved up the ranks of the U.S. Army and fought for America on foreign soil. 

COL McKnight in front of a one-of-a-kind multiple autographed
"Black Hawk Down" movie poster

We enjoyed a heartwarming moment when their granddaughter appeared; just had to have a picture of that!
Proud Grandparents!

Ed and I thank God for connecting us to COL McKnight and Linda, who have such a heart for OS91's mission and vision. COL does at least 80 Speaking Engagements and Leadership Conferences for Responders all over the U.S. each year and speaks about Operation Safety 91 wherever he goes, always making available our Psalm 91 cards at each Event. In fact, COL has been to Afghanistan twice this year to be with our brave soldiers in battle and he gave hundreds and hundreds of Psalm 91 cards to them. If you ever have the honor to spend time with COL McKnight and Linda, you will see two people who love our Responders and are giving their lives to reach them. COL Danny and Linda, OS91 loves and appreciates you!

COL McKnight with Chaplain in Afghanistan - 2012

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