Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OS91 invited to Rosen Centre

Operation Safety 91, with other Orlando organizations, corporations and businesses, was invited to the Rosen Centre Hotel this evening to be treated to some exquisite dining and informed all the newest renovations to the Rosen Hotels. As you know, if you have been following us for any length of time, that for the past two years OS91 has hosted the 3rd and 4th Annual Tribute Events at the Rosen Centre here in Orlando. 

We appreciate Mr. Harris Rosen, a brilliant businessman, generous philanthropist, and former Military, who truly has a heart for OS91's mission and vision. Ed and I had several minutes with Mr. Rosen, and were touched to receive his enthusiastic encouragement and congratulations for what we are doing. I do apologize that the picture is so dark, but I am still posting it.
Mr. Rosen, Mary and Ed

God gave us a special blessing tonight at this Event. Ed began talking to a staff person, Doug Ribley, Assistant Director of Convention Services and Catering. When Doug discovered that Ed was the Founder of Operation Safety 91, he told Ed that he attended the 3rd Annual Tribute and there he received a Psalm 91 card and a Christian Patriotic decal, which he promptly put on his wife's car. Later that year, Doug's wife was miraculously spared, when her car flipped 3 times and ended up on all four tires; she did not have a scratch! Praise the Lord!

Ed with Doug

What a blessing to hear miraculous testimonies of the Divine Protection of Psalm 91!

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