Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OS91 Spokesperson, COL McKnight, in Afghanistan

COL Danny McKnight (right) in Afghanistan
COL Danny McKnight, (Ret.) U.S. Army Ranger Commander of the Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia, depicted in the famous movie, "Black Hawk Down", and now National Spokesperson of Operation Safety 91 has just returned from spending 10 days with our Troops in Afghanistan. Ten Prayer Breakfasts and 10 Prayer Lunches were scheduled, each in a different location in order to reach as many of our Troops a possible. Of course, COL McKnight was loaded with Psalm 91 cards, which quickly ran out but were requested by an Assistant Chaplain via email and then quickly sent over by OS91. Accompanying the cards - 10 cases of Psalm 91 for Military books from the 1687 Foundation.

COL McKnight has such a heart for our Troops, making himself available to them person to person, heart to heart. COL told us that this trip far exceeded all he expected. Operation Safety 91 is so honored to be represented by such an outstanding American hero! 

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