Friday, February 10, 2012

OS91 Chaplains' Luncheon

CH Kurt Hilton of Windermere PD and CH Lonnie Crawford, Orlando FD
at OS91 Chaplains Luncheon
Operation Safety 91 began about 4 1/2 years ago with a vision to honor and protect America's Protectors, those brave men and women who put themselves in harms way to rescue, defend, and protect us. Sr. Chaplain Andrew Wade of Orlando Police Department was on board helping us the very first month and he was instrumental in getting Chaplain Lonnie Crawford of Orlando Fire Department hooked up with us almost immediately. Chaplain Lonnie brought on Josh Sauers, Chaplain of Winter Garden and Ocoee Fire Departments. Finally Chaplain Lyle Schmeiser of Chapter 16 Disabled American Veterans. With these Chaplains OS91 began and we love them dearly. They saw our vision of Psalm 91 cards for Responders 3 years before the cards were ever made and distributed. 

Then in the end of June of 2009 we received an email from a Police Department Chaplain who was introduced to our organization by a local Hospital Chaplain. This PD Chaplain wrote: "I was at your presentation at the OCSO building in the beginning of June. I like what you are doing and have already given my officers copies of the book Psalm 91. I would love to assist your endeavors as a partner Chaplain. Thank you and God Bless you for the wonderful job you are doing." And that is how our devoted Board Member Chaplain Kurt Hilton, came on board. We have been blessed with Men of God who love Responders and who see such a need for what OS91 does. 

Of course, during our past 4 1/2 years we have been connected to so many partner Chaplains all over the country, as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Africa, who spread the Psalm 91 message by the distribution of the Psalm 91 cards and books. You are OS91's hands to get this life saving message to your Responders. We appreciate your partnership so much!

We are so grateful to God for our local OS91 Chaplains as well as our partner Chaplains all over the country and the world. As we say: "Together we can do so much more than separately!"
CH Lonnie Crawford presented with OFD decal and lights for his vehicle

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