Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OS91 brings Minneola Fire Chaplain Steve Davids to NHCA

Minneola, FL Fire Chaplain Steve Davids
speaking to students of NHCA
This morning Operation Safety 91 brought Minneola Fire Chaplain Steve Davids to speak to the students of New Hope Christian Academy in Minneola, FL, to educate the students about Responder Chaplaincy. Chaplain Steve is the Pastor of Children and Youth at Minneola Alliance Church and has been the local Fire Department Chaplain along with Bob Beaver, Pastor of Minneola Alliance Church for over a year. 
NHCA students listened 
and asked questions about Fire Chaplaincy
Steve explained to students the role that Chaplains play in the lives of Firefighters as well as the other Responder disciplines, opening the floor to the students for questions. Steve also asked the students questions like, "How can you tell I am a Chaplain?", which led the boys and girls to look more closely at his uniform for the crosses.

While speaking, the Chaplain's beeper went off indicating there was a 911 call to Minneola Fire Department and we actually heard the sirens of the Fire engine! God has a wonderful way of making things real! 
The right answer!
Ed then asked the students what is the hardest loss for a Firefighter to accept. In sign language, one of the students signed, "the loss of a child"...which is indeed the correct answer.
Another phenomenal answer!
When Ed asked the question, "What is the first thing you do when you hear a siren?", this student immediately knew the answer, "Pray for them and say Psalm 91!!!" 
Children praying Psalm 91
To end the presentation the students and teachers prayed Psalm 91 together with Chaplain Steve, Ed and Mary with Operation Safety 91's Psalm 91 cards. Each student and teacher was given a card compliments of OS91.

Afterwards Chaplain Steve, Ed and Mary tried visiting our friends, Chief Derryl O'Neal and all the wonderful Firefighters at Minneola Fire Department, but they were away from the station at a call. We appreciate this wonderful partnership of Minneola FD and their Chaplains, Bob Beaver and Steve Davids! And we are so proud to be associated with the exceptional educational facility of New Hope Christian Academy, founded by Miss Angi and Mr. Rusty Pitt, and using the Accelerated Christian Education Program (ACE). We appreciate you all very much!

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