Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Partners of OS91, Pastors Bob Beaver and Steve Davids, Minneola Alliance Church

Ed Ganster with new OS91 partners
Pastors Bob Beaver & Steve Davids, Minneola Alliance Church
A heartfelt Thank you to Chief Derryl O'Neal and the wonderful Firefighters of Minneola Fire Department for not only their excitement about COL Danny McKnight's Leadership Conference sponsored by OS91 but also for their connecting their Fire Chaplains, Bob Beaver and Steve Davids with us. What a wonderful visit we had with these devoted Chaplains, currently Pastors of Minneola Alliance Church. Together we plan to expand this connection to a National Conference and other Chaplains across the U.S. Chaplains Bob and Steve left with a truck filled with books and Psalm 91 cards. ..just the beginning!

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