Saturday, June 1, 2013

OS91 at Yellow Ribbon Event in Orlando, FL

The beautiful Florida Hotel - 
host Hotel of the Yellow Ribbon Event in Orlando

OS91 had the honor to participate in our first Yellow Ribbon Event today. Although we have partners in various parts of the country who request our Psalm 91 cards as well as the Psalm 91 Military books to distribute at Yellow Ribbon Events, this was OS91's very first time and we hope now to be "regulars"! 

Yes! This is a SOLDIER!

A Yellow Ribbon Event is an experience: hugging the necks of those Soldiers who are leaving their families and deploying overseas; embracing spouses, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and in laws of the brave men and women Soldiers who are leaving the U.S. and going to war zones and surrounding territories. The sacrifice of all involved is so inspiring!

OS91's Connection, CH (LTC) Brian Ray,
Command Chaplain of the 143rd ESC

Our heartfelt thanks to Chaplain (LTC) Brian Ray, Command Chaplain of the 143rd ESC for opening the door to OS91 to reach our Soldiers and their families with the life saving message of Psalm 91.

Reaching Soldiers with Psalm 91

and new "doors' to reach more Soldiers!

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