Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OS91 receives award at Reserve Center

U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Center in Orlando
OS91 was surprised and honored with an award at The U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Center this morning! Chaplain Mike Vidal of Orlando Police Department, COL in the U.S. Military arranged an appointment this morning with COL Garfield Jones, Florida Military Outreach Coordinator at the Navy Reserve Center, who attended OS91's 5th Annual Tribute to Honor America's 1st Responders on February 22nd. Ed and I met with Chaplain Mike and altogether we received a tour of the Naval Center and were able to meet many wonderful Responders. 

COL Garfield Jones was very excited 
to show us his Psalm 91 card 

After our meeting with COL Jones, we sere suddenly escorted right into the Office of the Chief of the Navy Operational Support Center, LSC Nivea Estrada. What an honor! Chief also attended our 5th Annual Tribute Event and was very impressed. Together, Chief, COL Jones, Chaplain Mike, Ed and I planned some wonderful things for next year's 6th Annual Tribute to Honor America's 1st Responders, scheduled for 2/28/14. It is very exciting! In fact, I was so excited that unfortunately I didn't get a photo of Chief Estrada! But this wonderful lady not only had her Psalm 91 card, she eagerly took another one to keep in another place! YAY!

Presentation of Awards to OS91
Then, another sudden transition to a large open place and we were told that we were receiving awards and being pinned! Chaplain Vidal made a speech thanking us for all OS91 does for our Military, we were each presented with a beautiful plaque and pinned. What an honor to receive this token of appreciation!

Nancy Auter shows me her Psalm 91 plaque
After the Ceremony, Nancy Auter, Funeral Honor Guard Coordinator took me to her Office and showed me something very precious to her: a Psalm 91 plaque displayed on her desk. What a gift to me to see how much Psalm 91 means to our Military! OS91's Psalm 91 cards were also on her desk; I didn't miss that! Nancy gladly accepted a pack of  Psalm 91 cards to distribute. 

Ed with Chaplain COL Mike Vidal, OPD
Back outside Ed gave Chaplain Mike a box of "Your Shield and Buckler" Psalm 91 books by Jorge Diaz to distribute. Chaplain Mike has been a blessing to OS91 in the almost 2 years we have known him, making many connections with Chaplains he knows to get out Psalm 91 cards to Responders. His friend Chaplain David Lee of Clarksville, Tennessee Police Department, has distributed 3,000 Psalm 91 cards to Responders not only in CPD but also to the county Sheriff's Department as well as Ft. Cambell! 

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who put this Award together today, especially to Chaplain Vidal who nominated us for this award. We are so honored!  

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