Sunday, October 28, 2012

OS91 at New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in St. Augustine, FL

New OS91 Church partner: New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church

A Divine Connection story: 
About one and a half months ago, Mary received a phone request for a Psalm 91 card from the mother of a Soldier in Afghanistan. Her name: Lois Pennill...who just happened to be the wife of Pastor Allan Pennill of New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in St. Augustine. There was an immediate heart connection between this wonderful woman and Mary. "The rest is history" as they say! This phone call turned into a most gracious invitation to visit these wonderful Pastors, stay at their home, and address their Congregation about Operation Safety 91! 

Picture of Pastor Allen and Lois' son, Christian 
currently deployed in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army

 L to R: Pastor Allan Pennill, First Lady Lois Pennill and Ed
The date was set for the last weekend in October and off we went to spend some time with some wonderful new friends on Florida's east coast. Pastor Allan is a humble, gentle man, a lover of God and of His Word. First Lady Lois excels in the gift of hospitality and encouragement, always "up" and excited about the Lord and life!

Mary and Ed share a delicious dinner followed by devotions with the Pennills 
and new friends, Maria and Sam of Church On The Rock on Saturday night

Stop at a Fire Station on the way to Church... give out Psalm 91 cards!

And they need it, as you can see!

 Choir and Deacons in Sanctuary

Certificate of Appreciation from U.S. Army to
New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church
During Announcements, a Certificate of Appreciation from the U.S. Army to New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, was read to the Congregation. That was Divine timing! But not surprising: Christian, the son of Pastors Allan and Lois, is a Soldier in the U.S. Army currently deployed in Afghanistan. And that is how we got connected in the first place!

Ed and Mary receive a Love offering from Congregation
for OS91
Ed and I were given a generous time slot to present OS91's mission and vision to the Congregation and Pastor gave OS91 a love offering from themselves and from the  generous people of his Church...a love offering which totaled 25,000 Psalm 91 cards! Praise God!

 Church Covenant hanging on wall
OS91 gives our most heartfelt thanks to Pastors Allan and Lois for their warm hospitality, opening their heart, their home, and their Church to Ed and Mary on behalf of the brave men and women Responders of America: Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement and Military. Your generosity will save many lives! God bless and reward you!


  1. Wonderful!! I had the pleasure of attending Sunday Service and felt very welcomed by the Pastor Allan Pennill, First Lady Pennill and their church family.

  2. This is AWESOME... please continue to do God's work!!!