Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OS91 attends 9/11 Memorial at Clermont Fire Station 1

9/11 Memorial at Clermont Fire Station 1
OS91 attended a 9/11 Memorial at Clermont, FL's Fire Station 1 on Highway 50 in Clermont. What a meaningful and touching Ceremony! Guest speaker was OS91's very special friend, Jimmy Brown, member of FDNY who responded to the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, and survived the fall of Tower II, preserved miraculously by God's grace! The crowd of former Responders of NY and patriotic citizens of Clermont gathered for the Memorial.

Although Ed and I now reside in Winter Garden, Clermont was our original home in Florida, so it is very special to us. Speaking of "special to us", this Memorial brought us together with several longtime friends of Operation Safety 91: Clermont Fire Chief Carle Bishop and Clermont's  interim Chief Charles Broadway.

  Ed with Clermont Fire Chief Carle Bishop 
and Clermont interim Police Chief Charles Broadway
Longtime friend of Operation Safety 91, Fire Chief Carle Bishop, hosted the 9/11 Memorial with the help of Charles Broadway, who also responded to the attack on 9/11 as an NYPD Responder and who was recently promoted to Clermont's interim Chief of Police! Know that OS91 appreciates you and our prayers are with you both!

James Brown's testimony of surviving the fall of Tower 1
Special friend of Operation Safety 91, Jimmy Brown, former NYPD, then FDNY, invited Ed and Mary to share in this Memorial Ceremony. Jimmy shared the testimony of his miraculous preservation as he was almost buried alive in the rubble of the Towers, escaped, and is now a walking testament of God's supernatural protection! I don't know if there was a dry eye in the crowd...I couldn't see through my tears! OS91 loves you, Jimmy, and your dear wife, Shirley! You two are a blessing! 

Honor Guard at Ceremony

Steel from Ground Zero at Fire Station 1 
OS91 salutes all the brave men and women Responders who went into the Twin Towers while civilians were going out... all who lost their lives to rescue as many as they could. 
"We will never forget!"

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