Sunday, July 8, 2012

OS91 speaks at Christ Family International Church

Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie 
Christ Family International Church
What a joy and honor to speak this morning at both Services at Christ Family International Church (CFI) cfichurch.comOperation Safety 91's premiere Church partner, located in Port St.Lucie, FL. Our heartfelt thanks to Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie for their continued support of Operation Safety 91 over the past two years, and especially now that we have launched "Catch The Cause". More than 100 Catch The Cause partners have come from CFI alone during prelaunch alone!

Today, Ed spoke again about "Catch The Cause" and our compelling 5 minute video was debuted to the Church members. ( This video was created by Scott Smith, a member of CFI Church, with Voiceover done by a fellow CFI Church member, Vince Cloe. What a message that video relays: calling on Americans to "Catch The Cause" of OS91: to honor and protect Protectors, i.e. Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement and Military!

Then Mary spoke about a Marine, currently deployed in Afghanistan, who with his Team, in 2 months time, has been assigned 3 missions from which they were told, most of them would not come back! This Marine had a Psalm 91 card, and before their first mission, he prayed Psalm 91 with his buddy and then left on separate helicopters. Both came back safe! In a couple weeks they were assigned to another mission of similar danger. This time he led 5 Marines, praying Psalm 91 from our card. Miracles of supernatural protection happened and all returned safely. No casualties. The third mission, this Marine led a bigger group of Marines in Psalm 91 and again, after Divine intervention, all returned from the Mission safely.

Mary with Wounded Warrior Marine in CFI Congregation
In the Congregation today, was a Marine who had been wounded in Afghanistan. When his presence was discovered and announced from the Altar, this brave Marine was given a heartfelt standing ovation from the Church members. Needless to say, he was given a Psalm 91 card before he left the Church and had his picture taken with Mary, plus he took Psalm 91 cards back to his Chaplain and Team. Know, Sir, that we will be praying for you daily! Our heartfelt thanks to you for your service! 

Thank you, CFI Pastors and Church members for your generosity to us! Because of your donations today we will be able to make our next batch of Psalm 91 cards! Many came up and told us testimonies, stories and asked for more cards. Below is a wonderful couple who attend CFI; they are both from Military backgrounds and have lots of stories. Her Dad, COL Lawrence Tuttle, was on Normandy Beach with General George Patton! Wow... and she took 300 cards to distribute! 

Dana (holding Ps. 91 cards) and Mike, 
a Military couple from CFI 

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