Thursday, April 5, 2012

OS91 attends LEO Class 2011-03 Graduation

Graduation of LEO Class of 2011-03
Tonight Operation Safety 91 was invited to attend the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola Graduation of the Law Enforcement Officer Class of 2011-03 held at the beautiful St. Cloud High School Auditorium. Twenty three future Law Enforcement Officers that would inspire anyone! Several of the graduates are Military, two are Firefighters and every one to be commended. Many received rewards for various skills.

Mission Statement of The Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola

Ed with Graduate James Pagan
Thank you to James Pagan for inviting us to this Graduation. We are so proud of you, James! Our gift to this young Graduate is the book Your Shield and Buckler on Psalm 91 protection for Police written by  LEO and LEO Chaplain Jorge Diaz, Founder of Officer of the Lord Ministries. This is an excellent book with several testimonies of the miraculous protection of Psalm 91 for Police. And, of course, we were able to give many of the graduates and the current class of Cadets the Psalm 91 card. 

James with his beautiful wife, Christina
Our heartfelt congratulations go to the Class of 2011-3 for the successful completion of their training. We pray for your continued success as you go forth to fulfill your mission of being, according to God's Word in Romans 13: 1- 7 "Ministers of God for good....who do not bear the sword in vain." Know that Operation Safety 91 appreciates you and prays for you daily! 

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