Monday, April 23, 2012

"Catch The Cause" Prelaunch at Winter Garden UNO Chicago Grill

Preparing for Event: Winter Garden Tower Truck 22 Elevation

Crowds begin to gather for Event
What a wonderful Event yesterday: OS91's Prelaunch of "Catch The Cause" at UNO Chicago Grill in Winter Garden! Above you are looking at a section of the parking lot in front of UNO's which was blocked of for Emergency vehicles and where people are beginning to gather for this patriotic Event. 

Todd Nichols, Bagpiper, begins Program
OS91 friend, Todd Nichols, who has played Bagpipes for us at all four Annual Tribute Events begins the CTC Launch beautifully and promptly at 1:00 pm.

Winter Garden Fire Chief and Crew with Tower Truck extended 100 ft!
People came from all over as they saw the elevated ladder of Tower Truck 22, fascinating to young and old!  Chief Williamson, supporter of OS91 since its inception, spoke a great message, telling the hearers a little about the history of OS91 and our Annual Tribute Events.

Speakers from left to right: OPD Sr. Chaplain Andrew Wade,
Ed Ganster and Fire Chief John Williamson
Orlando Police Department Sr. Chaplain Andrew Wade followed Chief Williamson and spoke about what Responder Chaplains do, much of which the public does not know.

Winter Garden Police Officers

OPD Officer Todd Herb, Mary, Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Paulk
both K9 Handlers

Officer Todd Herb's and Jagger's vehicle

Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Paulk and Dezel's vehicle

Jagger, ready to perform for the crowd

Onlookers watch Jagger

"Boz", Canine Companion for Independence
came to support the Responder K-9s
Thank you to OS91 friend Connie, trainer for Canine Companions For Independence for bringing "Boz" who is an assistance dog in training for CCI and who has a great future! Canine Companions For Independence trains up dogs to assist our brave Military returning home permanently disabled as well as others needing assistance. Please contact CCI if you need this kind of help or to volunteer your services.

Catch The Cause partners #1, #3 and #4: Hector, 
with daughters Manuella and Marianna
In January, when Ed and I were at Fire Rescue East, we were blessed to be assigned a Vendor spot right next to Hector. Hector became our very first CTC partner way before the prelaunch and signed up his wife and daughters with a very generous donation. These two dear young partners are following in their father's steps. They saved up some money to bring to this Event to donate to OS91 to help reach Responders with the message of Psalm 91! Hector, you and your family are a true blessing and encouragement to us. Thank you!

OS91 friend, Todd Nichols, Bagpiper plays again

OPD Chaplain Mike Vidal: thank you for your help 
parking the Emergency vehicles!

New Grad of Police Academy with his wife and daughter

OS91 helper and friend, Grace and 
American Adversaries Radio host and CTC partner Chris Hart
This is how we do what we do: with our helpers and partners. Grace and Chris represent friends and partners all over the country as well as all over the world, to help us with our mission of honoring and protecting America's protectors. And now, with "Catch The Cause" our goal is to spread this mission across America through interactive community events, education and social networking. Come join us as we go forward with "Catch The Cause".  Our new webpage will be available soon with a great video presentation! Stay tuned...

For more pictures of yesterday's "Catch The Cause" Prelaunch Event go to

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