Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OS91 attends funeral of Deputy Barbara Ann Pill

Deputy Sheriff Barbara Ann Pill  1959 - 2012
Operation Safety 91 was requested by Detective/Chaplain Luis Figueroa of Palm Bay Police Department not only to attend the funeral of Brevard County Deputy Sheriff Barbara Ann Pill yesterday at Calvary Chapel in West Melbourne, FL. but also to distribute Psalm 91 cards and books to the LEOs and Police in attendance.

2 Fire Trucks with U.S. Flag at Church Entrance

 Responders line up in front of Calvary Chapel

More Responders awaiting Funeral Procession

Florida Blue Knights among thousands gathered
We saw Romans 13:7 in action yesterday as thousands of sworn LEOs and Police  as well as Law Enforcement Admin, and other Responders of all disciplines, active, retired, and veteran gathered to "give honor to whom honor is due", a "true blue warrior hero" loved by her colleagues and community. 

Just a few of the Motorcycles of the Funeral procession

Calvary Chapel filled with Responders for Service

Psalm 91 cards and books and Cross Pins ready for attendees
Psalm 91 cards, books and Cross Pins were set up on 4 tables throughout the Lobby of the Church for anyone to take freely. Pastor Norm of Calvary Chapel who has partnered with OS91 in the past, was happy to take the remainder for distribution to LEOs throughout the vicinity. 

OS91 salutes Deputy Barbara Ann Pill and prays for all Responders who follow such a noble calling!

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