Thursday, March 1, 2012

COL Danny McKnight, OS91 National Spokesperson, speaks at Orlando Fire Conference

COL Danny McKnight Speaking at Orlando Fire Conference
Today we joined over 1,000 Firefighters from all over the U.S. at Holiday Inn Universal in Orlando, FL, for the opening morning speaking session of the Orlando Fire Conference. Guest speaker was Operation Safety 91's National Spokesperson, COL Danny McKnight, US Army (Ret.), Ranger Ground Commander of the Battle Of Mogadishu, portrayed in the movie, "Black Hawk Down". COL McKnight inspired all present with his story and his teaching on leadership, professionalism and success. COL taught the Firefighters that a true leader leads from the front. He emphasized TOTAL fitness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was such a joy to hear him share about the Psalm 91 cards: "I believe they are very important!" And pulling his own Psalm 91 card out of his pocket he said, "Here's mine! I carry it with me wherever I go! Because it is the ultimate Scripture in the Bible about Divine Protection...." Then speaking about OS91: "Ed and Mary started Operation Safety 91 because of YOU: Firefighters, EMS, EMT, Police and Law Enforcement and Military. And I am proud to be their National Spokesperson!" Also available were the Psalm 91 books.

COL McKnight autographs his new book release, 
Streets of Mogadishu - Leadership at its Best, Political Correctness at its Worst
COL's dear wife, Linda, is in the left foreground

More autographs after COL's talk

What a joy to meet with some local Firefighters we know!
Mary and Ed with Orlando Fire Department's Kamalu Kong

Firefighter Jimmie from Port St. Lucie, FL
This Firefighter Jimmie Myers told Mary that two of our partners, Chaplain Jack Favorite and LT Tommy Neiman (Port St. Lucie/ Ft. Pierce) spoke at his father's funeral. 

Cindy Ell, 
Founder and President of the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation
Mary was so blessed when Cindy, the president of the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation pulled out from her wallet a Psalm 91 card which she has carried with her for some time now. Cindy knows the Mid-Atlantic Director of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, John Long, and his his Associate Director, John E. Jamieson, both of whom we met at least 4 years ago in Rhode Island during their Annual Convention Obviously, they have done a wonderful job of spreading the Psalm 91 cards! 

A heartfelt Thank you to COL McKnight for his personal invitation to us to attend this Event. It is such an honor and privilege to hear COL speak and to learn from him, and it is our joy to continue reaching Responders with the message of Psalm 91! 

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