Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chaplain Mike Vidal, OPD helps OS91

CH Mike Vidal, Orlando PD with Ed Ganster
This morning we received a visit from Chaplain Mike Vidal of Orlando Police Department, a Military Chaplain and Retired Colonel of the Georgia State Guard. Mike has been distributing The Psalm 91 cards and books for nearly a year now and came to replenish his supply. One of Chaplain Vidal's assignments as a Military Chaplain is to perform funerals where he gives Psalm 91 cards to family members of the deceased. Mike is also going to arrange some engagements for Operation Safety 91 to reach Responders and to present our mission with Churches and High Schools. Thank you, Chaplain Mike! We appreciate you!

Ed shared OS91's new campaign called "Catch The Cause" with Chaplain Vidal who jumped onboard and left with handfuls of vouchers for our upcoming "Doughraiser" at the UNO Chicago Grill at the Winter Garden Village location from 4/22 to 4/29. The Doughraiser will begin with the National Launch of "Catch The Cause" on 4/22 from 1 - 2 p.m. "Catch The Cause" is OS91's new campaign to take the its mission across America through social networking. To help us launch will be 9 Emergency vehicles, Winter Garden Police and Firefighters, Orange County Sheriff's Office Deputies and Canines, Veterans, Responder Chaplains, Todd Nichols the Bagpiper (special friend of OS91) and lots of present and soon-to-be friends and supporters of OS91, adults, teens, youngsters and pet dogs! We are inviting pet dogs to come to honor Responder Canines.

The Doughraiser will go on all week from 4/22 - 4/29. When anyone enjoys UNO's delicious food dine-in, carry-out or commercial delivery and presents the voucher below (which will be on our website closer to the date) OS91 will receive 20% of the bill to help us continue our mission  to honor and protect America's 1st Responders.

Voucher for OS91 Doughraiser

So please come out and join us for a wonderful Family Day Event on Sunday, April 22 (as well as Sunday April 15th in Melbourne from 1 - 2 pm at  the Melbourne UNO's (more info coming). Meet and greet Responders, who protect us every day and have given so much to defend our country. Have your kids climb aboard a Fire truck! Join "Catch The Cause" and help take this across America. Finally sometime during the week (if not at that time), present a voucher and enjoy some UNO's dine-in, take-out or commercial delivery and support a great cause!

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