Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OS91 meets with RESPONDER LIFE

L to R: Ed Ganster, Ronnie Rivera, Chris Green, Terry, Trey Doty
What a wonderful meeting Ed and I had today with RESPONDER LIFEhttp://www.responderlife.com/  RESPONDER LIFE  was formed "to support and strengthen the Families of all First Responders, including Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Professionals, 911 Dispatchers, and other Responders serving in City, County, State and Federal Agencies". This connection began about 2 years ago when Ronnie Rivera, head of EMERGENCY WORKERS FOR CHRIST, was connected to Operation Safety 91 through LT Tommy Neiman of Port St. Lucie Fire District in Ft. Pierce, FL. Tommy is also the Florida head of the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International. http://www.tommyneiman.com/  Thank you so much, Tommy!

Ronnie has been distributing the Psalm 91 books and cards during these two years, as well as attending our Events in Orlando, so he knows first hand the similarities of the mission of his Ministry and OS91's. Recently Responder Life became introduced to and has partnered with EMERGENCY WORKERS FOR CHRIST, and made Ronnie the Regional Director of what is now RESPONDER LIFE FLORIDA . Ronnie set up a meeting introducing Chris Green, the President and CEO of RESPONDER LIFE, Trey Doty the Executive Vice President as well as Terry, their wonderful Florida strategic partner, to Ed and Mary, and to OS91.

So now RESPONDER LIFE FLORIDA is partnering with OPERATION SAFETY 91 to reach their Responders with Psalm 91 cards! We are so grateful for this new connection, giving us this opportunity for outreach to Protectors with God's Covenant of Protection, Psalm 91.

. Ronnie Rivera with Mary

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  1. This is so awesome! I feel so blessed to have had a part!
    Because of HIM!
    Tommy Neiman