Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OS91 brings Battalion Chief Seigler to speak
to New Hope Christian Academy Students
Longtime partner and friend of Operation Safety 91, Orange County Fire Battalion Chief Scott Seigler agreed to come to to speak to the students of New Hope Christian Academy of Minneola, FL, this afternoon. It was wonderful! This is part of Operation Safety 91's School Visit Program to educate our youth about Responders, what they do and the risk involved in their professions. 

Chief Seigler spoke about the calling of a Firefighter, and what is involved in terms of education as well as risk. He explained the different levels including EMT and Paramedic as well as the responsibility he now shoulders as Battalion Chief.

Battalion Chief Seigler also shared with the students his participation in the Ministry of "Builders For Christ", a group of men, women and children serving the Lord in the Mission Field of Church Construction Chief Seigler has volunteered with this organization for many years now using his vacation to build Churches in different parts of the U.S. 

A question/answer time followed with many excellent questions being addressed by the students. Chief's wife, Susan, former Firefighter, was introduced to the students as well.

A most heartfelt Thank You from OS91 to you, Chief Scott, for sharing with these wonderful young people! 
Chief explains the different helmets of Firefighters

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