Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Psalm 91 Testimonies

Psalm 91 Testimonies
In recent weeks as police chaplain here in Satellite Beach and pastor of Our Father's House, I've met with Responders from the 45th Space Wing USAF, the 920th Rescue Squadron, USAF, the Satellite Beach Fire Department and the Satellite Beach Police Department. ALL of these Responders wanted their men and women to have this resource.  Perhaps the most heart-warming meeting was with the chaplain of the 920th Rescue Squadron, USAF, Chaplain Matt Simpson, USAF Major. His men deploy into the hottest war zones on the planet to do rescue ops. When I placed in his hands several boxes of the military edition of Psalm 91, plus the OS91 cards, he was visibly moved. Many of his men are in harm's way on a regular basis and on deployment in Afghanistan with 12 hours on twelve hours off ready to respond to emergency rescues and evacuations as well as assist civilian casualties. He told me this story of a helicopter pilot who has been praying Psalm 91, who had a round of machine gun fire go through his cockpit right by his injury and a safe return to base!!!  Hallelujah!!!
For me personally, this testimony has touched my heart the deepest. A 10 year Navy veteran in his early 30's who is part of our ministry has been battling stage 4 cancer. He has a young wife and a one year old son. We began together the Psalm 91 prayer and full on study of the promises. He has been through two major surgeries plus chemo and radiation. The whole church prayed Psalm 91 over he and his wife last month. Yesterday he was at Moffitt for new scans. PRAISE THE LORD...he is almost completely cancer free.  Most of the cancer markers are completely gone and the few remaining ones are greatly pestilence remains...diseases die...JESUS WINS!!! 

One of the things I've observed over these past few months is the fear that seems to grip the spouses of those who are deployed. We are addressing this fear head on with Psalm 91.

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