Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Psalm 91 Message Spreads

The Psalm 91 Message Spreads
Email from an OS91 Chaplain Partner
"My church held a special service to honor our local responders on September 11th.  Several companies of our fire department and some of the off duty firefighters attended the service at which I brought the message.  Everyone who attended received a copy of "Psalm 91 - God's Shield of Protection," one of the Psalm 91 pocket cards and a lapel pin.  Everyone was very appreciative and several of the firefighters have spoken to me privately to say how much they appreciated the service and the recognition of their efforts.  

We attended the Federation of Fire Chaplains' Annual conference in Alexandria, Louisiana last month.  Boxes of God's Shield of Protection were distributed to the attendees.... I have had the opportunity to distribute Psalm 91 books and cards to a number of police officers and state troopers in the course of my travels.  I am also reaching out to other fire departments in our area and in surrounding counties...."

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