Friday, October 14, 2011

Psalm 91 Testimony

Testimony received by OS91: "During April 27, 2011 EF5 + Tornado, my sister, her daughter and my daughter were in Phil Campbell where my sister and I work.  We were in the vault and blessed to have been allowed to bring our children.  My daughter, 4 years old, was underneath me, I was bowed down over her (she was sleeping, thank God). During  the tornado I prayed out loud Psalms 91.  I prayed, "God, COVER ME WITH YOUR FEATHERS RIGHT NOW! I CLAIM PSALMS 91!" We were all praying. We were protected.  NOT ONE flower petal was out of place on our work property that was not even a block from disaster. My brother was in his patrol car about 1/2 a mile, right in the path of the tornado.  He was in the tornado it before he realized.  It picked him/in his patrol car up/ then put him back down - Minor damage to car.  A few weeks later, my brother was passing out your cards that said "PSALMS 91!"  I KNOW GOD HEARD MY CRIES!!!  GOD PROTECTED OUR FAMILY, AND I PRAISE GOD FOR THAT.  AFTER THE TORNADOES WERE GONE, MY BROTHER, MY SISTER AND I, AMONG OTHERS WENT OUT TO HELP AS MANY AS WE COULD.  I LIVE AND BREATHE FOR HIS GLORY, FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST!"

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