Sunday, September 11, 2011

OS91 at CFI for 9/11

Left to right: Pastor Gerry Khourie, Captain Johnson and
2 Firefighters of Port St. Lucie County Fire Rescue and Ed Ganster
Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie of Port St. Lucie's Christ Family International Church hosted Ed and Mary Ganster of Operation Safety 91 to hold 9/11 Commemorative Services today. Special honored guests were Captain Johnson and 4 Firefighters of Engine 3 Port St. Lucie County who did not receive any Emergency calls and were able not only to stay for the entire 10 o'clock Service but even helped take down the 8' x 12' U.S. Flag after the Service.
 Captain Del Hicks giving his miraculous Psalm 91 testimony
Del's wife, Pat, praises God for protecting 
her husband 
Keynote speakers, Captain Del and Pat Hicks shared their own part of the story concerning God's supernatural, miraculous protection of Del during a plane crash and 40 hours in the frigid waters of the Atlantic. Years of studying, praying and confessing Psalm 91 was their foundation of faith during this crisis and God showed himself faithful during their time of need.
PSL Firefighter holds bell during Memorial

Children of St. James Academy hold candles ...

and wave flags during Memorial Service

"No Greater Love", Firefighter Version -
Gift from Pastors Khourie to OS91 Founders, Ed & Mary Ganster

After Service, pictures were taken of names of the
343 Firefighters who gave their lives at the WTC 

Responders were given Psalm 91 cards. Mary was thrilled 
to give a Psalm 91 card to this young man in the Air Force. 

Firefighters help Ed take down giant U.S. Flag

Thank you, Pastors Gerry and Donnelyn Khourie, for the honor and privilege of preaching in your Church, and for your faithful partnership with Operation Safety 91! We appreciate you and your Congregation!

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