Friday, September 9, 2011

Iraq Veteran Jason Irwine visits "Winter Garden Remembers 9/11"

Winter Garden Police Officer and Iraq War Veteran Jason Irwine
with Mary Ganster of OS91
It was my honor and privilege today to meet Officer Jason Irwine at "Winter Garden Remembers 9/11" being held all this week in the Council Chambers at Winter Garden City Hall. Jason is an Iraq War Veteran and told me a few stories, one of which was about a little Iraqi girl, who, after some momentary shyness and timidity, presented Jason with a piece of flatbread and then gave him a hug. Jason, that day, was extremely homesick for his daughter and was touched at the Providential timing of this encounter! 

I took the opportunity to give Jason, who had already received a Psalm 91 book a few months back, a Psalm 91 card, which you can see on the bottom corner of his framed medal case.

OS91 appreciates you, Officer Jason, for your service then and now! Know that we pray for you and all our Police and Law Enforcement Officers daily!

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