Tuesday, July 5, 2011

USCOC President and Psalm 91 card distribution

I went to the Post Office this morning and the cards were there. I had a little time between appointments so visited the Sheriff's office, city and county jails and the Clanton Fire Department. Out of the 2500 you sent I distributed over 300 in just those three stops. There are 4 more municipal fire departments, 14 volunteer fire departments and 3 more city police departments to visit. That does not include two ambulance companies and EMTs here as well as an Army National Guard armory.

These will be gone within two or three weeks I think, provided I can fit in all the visits that quickly. Word will spread as our responders comprise a tight knit community. Every member of every department I visited this morning wanted one. It was such a great feeling to offer something so personal. Thanks again for sending them!

Chaplain (GEN) P. Dale Burnette
National Commander
United States Corps of Chaplains

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