Sunday, May 22, 2011

Psalm 91 Card on Operation Creekside Trailer

Psalm 91 card on back of Operation Creekside Trailer
Operation Safety 91 has been partnering with Operation Creekside for several months to send our Psalm 91 cards and the Psalm 91 books to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, Ed McClelland, Founder of Operation Creekside has put an image of our Psalm 91 card on the trailer for everyone to see!  A huge Thank You to Ed for your gracious gift! What a blessing!
Ed writes in an email to OS91: "1st day out with the trailer, Joseph and I are in Oakdale, CA and I am talking to a man in front of Tractor Supply- general farm talk until he sees Psalm 91 on the Operation Creekside trailer. He went right into testimony about what that Psalm meant to his wife, about being a Christian and how this country was built under God!! During the conversation a Viet Nam Vet walked up and we both got to thank him for his service and hear some of his incredible story!"

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