Thursday, March 17, 2011

OS91 at ICPC Regional 8C Training Seminar

OPD Chief Val Demings with Mary and Ed Ganster
Orlando Police Department's Senior Chaplain, OS91 Founding Chaplain and State of Florida International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) Area Representative Andrew Wade hosted the Region 8C ICPC Training Seminar on March 14 -16. This Conference took place at the Criminal Justice Institute on the campus of Valencia Community College in Orlando. 
Memorial Honoring Fallen Responders 
at Criminal Justice Institute
OS91 shared Psalm 91 books and cards with the Chaplains from all over the State of Florida and beyond who attended this Conference, embracing many new Chaplain partners and adding additional speaking engagements to our calendar. The Chaplains were more than eager to receive these resources to distribute to their Responders for their protection and placed many orders. We appreciate Chaplain Andrew Wade's gracious invitation to attend the Conference and appreciate Responder Chaplains for all they do! Thank you for your partnership with Operation Safety 91!
New OS91 partner Chaplain Sheila Turner 
of Daytona Beach PD with Mary

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