Monday, March 7, 2011

Chaplain updates OS91 on Psalm 91 Book and Card Distribution in Prison

I wanted to share an update. I was able to pass out almost all of the books/blessings your ministry so graciously sent to CIW. 179 to the SPHU unit which houses up to 64 Administrative Segregation lockups who are locked in 23 of 24 hours, seven days a week in 8x10 cells with 2 steel bunks, a toilet/sink, and a shelf/desk.  The other part of the unit houses inmates who have just been "received" at the facility but can't fit in the RC so they go to SPHU as "overflow".  They are awaiting transfer or classification to another prison.  Each woman received a Psalm 91 book, and 2 others.  60 to SCU which is the Special Care Unit.  Each woman received a Psalm 91 book, and 2 others. 

I have more to distribute but it does take a number of hours to do this, so I am plodding through as time permits. The women were so excited and happy to receive the gifts from your ministry outreach.  They wanted to make sure I let you know what a blessing the books were and will continue to be!

The Psalm 91 business cards were gone in a flash!  I put some out during a special event and hundreds of women enjoyed the card.  I quickly ran out after trying to deliver them to the units too.

We are working on a plan to distribute the Officer's cards and books as they enter/exit the facility during a shift change. All of your work has been a great blessing to the facility!

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