Saturday, February 19, 2011

OS91 attends Stitching Ceremony of the National 9/11 Flag in Ocoee

Ed Ganster of OS91 with Mr. Jeff Parness, 
Founder and Chairman of "New York Says Thank You Foundation"
Patriotic citizens of Ocoee and the surrounding area gathered today with Civic Officials, Responders, Veterans, The Patriot Riders and others to welcome the historic 9/11 Flag to Ocoee. In a very touching Ceremony, local heroes nominated by others had the honor to sew a stitch in the Flag that was destroyed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. This Event is part of the 50 State National 9/11 Flag Tour by the New York Says Thank You Foundation.

Friend and supporter of OS91 Mayor Scott Vandergrift of Ocoee

Friend of OS91 Mayor Gary Bruhn of Windermere

OS91's favorite Eagle Scout, Jeff Cox

Patriot Riders praying in a circle behind their cycles

Besides the above Nominees, Mary of OS91 had the honor of meeting one of the Nominees who sewed a stitch in the 9/11 Flag, Cory Remsburg, an Army Ranger wounded in Afghanistan when an IED exploded on 10/1/09. We salute all the nominees who had the honor to add a stitch to this American treasure!

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