Friday, December 31, 2010

Psalm 91 cards distributed in Afghanistan by OS91 partner, a faith-filled female soldier

"For my New Year, I will travel to Bagram Afghanistan to deliver a box of cards (among other things). One of the lay pastors took a box to Spin Boldak along the Pakistani border, and I am sending a box to Kabul. After that, all of the cards would have been distributed, and they will be found with Soldiers all over Afghanistan. It's really cool!"

.... "received his cards, and they are all over Kandahar. I thought I'd die laughing when a Soldier offered me one!"

"I have a team of ... Soldiers and Sailors who travel around Afghanistan daily, and I can say with great love for God that He has protected us.  All of my subordinate units have qualified for the Safety Award, not because I am a great Commander or because I have an exemplary safety program, but because our God has shown His favor and protected us with His own hand, and by the power of His angels (isn't that awesome!). When we receive the award, I'll thank God for His divine protection. As I like to tell my friends...He protects me because I'm His favorite! I am blessed and highly favored! Of course we're all highly favored, but I take it literally and personally! I put my name in Psalm 91, and 139, and 23, and John 3:16 (and everywhere else!). His love for us is individually specific, and at the same time, it is collective. He loves me the way I need to be loved, just as He loves you just as you need to be loved! Don't we serve an awesome God?!"

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