Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OS91 Partner Chaplains in Mobile, AL

Chaplain Kenny Davis 
and OS91 Founders, Ed and Mary Ganster
Rev. Kenneth Davis (far right) of Mobile County Metro Jail in Mobile, AL, has been a faithful partner of Operation Safety 91 for two years. Chaplain Kenny, once an inmate in the jail where he now is Chaplain, devotes himself to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the inmates at this location as well as two prisons in the same city. Ed and Mary were privileged to have two visits with this extraordinary Chaplain, one of which was a tour of the Chapel where he preaches and teaches the Word of God to those inmates who are ready to listen. 

A great joy to us was seeing the resources which Kenny distributes both inside and outside of the Prisons in Mobile and how few he had remaining from his palette delivery just a few days before! Chaplain Kenny has a real heart for those who he serves and truly devotes his life to his God given mission. Kenny also distributes Ps 91, God's Shield of Protection not only to the Correction Officers at all three facilities, but to the Law Enforcement Officers and Police men and women in Mobile. 

While visiting in the prison, Chaplain Kenny introduced us to another Chaplain, Rev. Bill Fortenberry, who jumped right in and joined OS91 as a Chaplain partner to get the message out concerning God's Covenant of Protection in Psalm 91. Mary came home with two large orders for these wonderful men to distribute.

It was more than a joy to be with you, Kenny and thank you for introducing us to Bill. Know that you are in our prayers daily! We pray we find many, many more just like you!

Rev. Bill Fortenberry with Ed and Mary

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