Friday, May 7, 2010

OS91 Partners, FCFI, at annual Convention

Gay Reynolds, President 
Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International
The latest from OS91 partners, the Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International:
April was a blessed and busy month of travels...First, we attended the National Fallen Firefighters' nmeeting and Federation of Fire Chaplains' training prior to FDIC. We felt like members of the jet set as we drove to Indy, flew to Tampa for a Fallen Firefighters meeting, and back to Indy.  Wednesday we opened our booth and it was non stop fellowship and outreach from that point on. Members helped in the booth, stopped by and visited, and many conference attendees came for information, prayer, support, and of course, fellowship. We went through many boxes of materials including Bibles, Psalm 91 resources, prayer books, Bible studies, and memorabilia items. We were thankful for those who looked us up specifically and had heard of FCFI through members and the web page.  God is awesome.
FCFI sharing Ps 91 resources with Military

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