Saturday, April 17, 2010

OS91 Partner, Al Castro, spreading the Ps 91 message to Officer Stevens, NYPD

Officer Stevens, NYPD presented with Ps 91 books 
by Al Castro, President of NY Regional Police
On April 12, 2010 at 6PM, President Al Castro was greeted by Director of Chaplain Group, Dr. Paul Chaplin and Dr. Alfred Phillips at 1110 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11233. President Castro was escorted into our school Headquarters and then greeted by Dr. Janesia Fuller Mosley, Dean, and Dr. Paulette Zimmerman, PhD. The anointing of God was present as we began to brief of the blessings of the Lord.

We further engaged in conversation as a team as we moved forward in placing a Banner for the Fraternal Order of the Police in position and a Banner for the National Center for Exploited Children. There was a table set before us that enabled us to place Psalms 91 Testimonies and God Shield of Protection, Those Who Trust in the Lord as it related to the furthering of the ministry that has been assigned to our hands.

At the 9:30PM hour we had concluded our session and were in position to answer any questions that were before us at this time our staff and along with President Al Castro, answered any and all questions as it related to Psalms 91 Ministry and the Fraternal Order of the Police and the Upcoming Chaplains Training Class.

At 11:15PM, President Al Castro began his journey home as he came in contact with Officer Stevens of the Spring Creek Police Dept which is a division of NYPD. President Castro began to minister to Officer Stevens and presented him with Psalms 91, God Shield of Protection and Those Who Trust In The Lord. While ministering to Officer Stevens and sharing the goodnes of the Lord, President Castro was led to Pray for Officer Stevens before their departure from one another.

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